Gingivitis: its causes, prevention and treatment


Gingivitis: its causes, prevention and treatment

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum following the accumulation of dental plaque on the gum and teeth. Painless and progressive, it is one of the most common periodontal diseases that 80% of French people (35-44 years old) underestimate. Even if gum inflammation is benign, it can reach the underlying tissues, worsen into periodontitis and lead to tooth loss. Gingivitis manifests itself through regular bleeding when brushing the teeth. This symptom is sufficient to consult a dental surgeon and receive medical treatment.    

Gingivitis: an inflammatory disease with different variations

There are several variations of gum disease. First, there is hypertrophic gingivitis which originates from the use of certain medications such as anti-epileptic drugs. Its symptom is immediately recognizable with swollen gums. There is also gravidic gingivitis which generally affects pregnant women. Hormonal variation is the main cause of this form of gingivitis.

In addition, poor oral hygiene, stress, bacterial or viral infection can lead to ulcerative gingivitis. This periodontal disease manifests itself through gingival pain that is accompanied by bleeding during brushing. The inflammation degrades the appearance of the gums and causes bad breath (halitosis) in the oral cavity. Without treatment, it can lead to acute ulcerative gingivitis.

Dentists identify, among other things, other forms of periodontal disease that show themselves through erythematous or edematous gums, spontaneous bleeding inside the mouth. During their consultation, they noted the symptoms of advanced gingivitis. For example, the gums bleed and become red/purple and swollen at the same time. When the teeth move, it means that the gingivitis has turned into periodontitis.

Remedies and treatment for gingivitis

To regain your oral health, you should follow the treatment recommended by the dentist to remove gingivitis inflammation gum. Alternatively, you can resort to remedies that have proven effective with other patients. In addition, it is possible to adopt a safe treatment or use an effective remedy by reading the medical manual of James T. Ubertalli or the medical book by Manuel Merck.

Using homeopathy and herbal medicine to eliminate inflammation

Homeopathic remedies can be effective in treating gum inflammation. For example, Mercurius solubilis 9CH eliminates bad breath in the case of gum inflammation accompanied by heavy salivation. If this type of periodontal disease is present with caries, Kreosotum 5CH and 5 granules per day can help the gums to return to their normal appearance. Also perform a mouthwash with a mother tincture of calendula to treat sore gums. To do this, mix 30 drops of this remedy with warm water and drink it twice a day until the gingivitis inflammation disappears.

Using antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents like clove oil can also cure periodontitis gingivitis. Coat a cotton stick and soak it with this oil. Then apply it on the gum 3 times a day. In short, among the gum pain treatments, a massage with sage gum gel can be efficient.

You can also make mouthwash with Roman chamomile essential oil mixed with honey. Indeed, the antiseptic mouthwash favors a better oral hygiene by eliminating the gingivitis dental plaque in a soft way.



Treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis: regular scaling with a full equipment, respect of dental hygiene

The treatment consists in performing scaling twice a year, especially for patients prone to recurrence. Between the two scaling sessions, proceed to mouthwash with water containing sodium bicarbonate or diluted hydrogen peroxide. In addition to this, you must apply the rules of oral hygiene daily. Avoid, for example, the accumulation of dental plaque and tartar by meticulously cleaning your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush for this purpose. You can complete brushing by using interdental brushes or dental floss to remove lateral plaque (between the interdental spaces). Above all, use the toothpastes recommended by dentists.

Natural care for good oral health

In the absence of an indication from a specialist, natural remedies can be used to treat gingivitis. Sea buckthorn, a fruit with a high vitamin C content, has been shown to be effective in some patients with painful bleeding gums. It has, in fact, a healing virtue. The geranium Robert, also, has antiseptic and hemostatic properties which can cure the gingivitis inflammation gums.  



Using a Nylon electric toothbrush 

Nylon electric toothbrushes are more effective at removing plaque than silicone one.For example, the Y-Brush toothbrush, available in a pack or individually, is made with Nylon Med technology. It has 35,000 Nylon bristles with a 45° angle.It has the ability to effectively remove plaque and protect the gums.


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