How to choose and use interdental brushes?


How to choose and use interdental brushes?

In general, toothbrushes, manual or electric, reach only 60% of the tooth surface. The spaces between the teeth are the most inaccessible. It is especially in these areas that plaque accumulates. To remove it, the dentist recommends using interdental brushes once a day after brushing your teeth with a brush. The interdental brush is used to remove food residues deposited in the interstices. This prevents cavities, bad breath and gum inflammation. The brush is an excellent alternative to dental floss, soft picks and a moisturizer. In short, it further improves oral hygiene.

What is an interdental brush?

An interdental brush is a small brush with a handle and nylon bristles that can remove food deposits, toxins and bacteria from between the teeth. By getting rid of these elements, it prevents damage to the gums and enamel. Interdental brushes also help prevent the development of periodontal disease and cavities.

The use of interdental brushes is recommended for everyone. However, it is very practical for those with periodontitis or loose molars, wearing multi-ring braces. This toothbrush accessory is also suitable for people with gum retraction or large dental spaces while toothbrusing.



Brossette interdentaire : Quand faut-il l'utiliser?

The use of the brush is a complement of the brushing of the teeth. It is very simple to use. However, it is necessary to show delicacy at the risk of attacking the gums. After brushing your teeth with a manual or electric toothbrush, you rinse your mouth. Then insert the brush between the narrowest spaces to prevent cavities. Then, use back-and-forth strokes to scrub the gaps and remove plaque. Finally, remove the brush cleverly. After each use, clean the brush properly with water and place it back on the protective cap. Replace your brush after 7 to 10 days of regular use.

In addition, to achieve healthy teeth and fresher breath, dentists recommend using the interdental brush according to the 3F rule: Scrub, Don't Force, Don't Float. Moreover, since the brush is adapted to those who wear dentures or orthodontic correction, it would be ineffective with filaments that are too thin or too wide. The most important thing is that the bristles exert the right amount of friction on the gum walls to ensure good oral hygiene. However, bleeding may occur the first few times the brush is used. If this persists, stop using it.

Interdental brush: which one to choose?

To choose the right interdental brush, you need to take into account a few criteria to ensure healthy teeth. Choose, for example, according to the shape of the bristles (triangular, round, conical...) adapted to the sensitivity of your teeth and gums. The diameter of the brushes is also part of the selection criteria. They must fit your interdental spaces (narrow, wide). In addition to these basic criteria, there are also attributes that distinguish each model. For example, prefer those with colored bristles or bristles impregnated with chlorhexidine (an antibacterial agent), protective covers, and angled handles that can reach the back teeth.

Curaprox CPS Prime Interdental Brushes

CPS Prime interdental brushes are excellent for healthy oral hygiene. With ultra-fine and long filaments, they get rid of lateral caries, gingivitis and periodontitis. The CPS Prime brushes are equipped with handles with a "click" system offering a comfortable grip.

Trav-Ler Interdental Gum Brush

The Gum Trav-Ler interdental brush with triangular bristles is 25% more effective in removing plaque than the conical brush. The Gum Trav-Ler with soft or medium bristles adapts to the sensitivity of your teeth. Moreover, it is available in different sizes: 0.6 to 1.3 mm, 2 mm, 6 mm.

CPS interdental brushes: CPS prime refill package

The CPS refill package is distinguished by its very fine bristles that can fit between inaccessible interdental spaces. One daily use is enough to eradicate bad breath and inflammations. With the CPS Prime refill package, you make one cleaning motion. You insert it and then remove it. That's it!

CPS Prime interdental brushes with UHS handle

The CPS Prime UHS handle brushes fit all handles thanks to the snap-on system. Equipped with surgical-grade wire bristles, some models (CPS 09 Prime) can reach even the smallest interdental spaces.



Travel case: The best storage for interdental brushes

A soft travel case usually allows you to carry an electric toothbrush. However, it is also a way to store your interdental brushes so that they do not get damaged where they are. You can therefore have them at hand at home or at work.


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