How to make a tea tree mouthwash?


How to make a tea tree mouthwash?

Brushing your teeth with a brush is not enough to eliminate all the bacteria in your mouth. The tea tree mouthwash is an ideal complement to improve brushing efficiency. It contains active ingredients that are very effective against bacteria, but also against tooth decays and bad breath. This solution is recommended to have a good oral hygiene. Discover how to make a tea tree mouthwash.  

What is the process of a tea tree mouthwash?

As with brushing your teeth, making a tea tree mouthwash requires a very specific procedure. It should be noted that such a solution owes its effectiveness largely to the essential oils it contains. Given that the bacterial proliferation occurs after the meal and especially during the nights. This is the reason why the Tea Tree mouthwash must be done upon waking up.

To begin, you must take a teaspoon of the solution contained in the bottle and put it in the mouth. Once inside, the product must remain there for at least 10 to 15 minutes to better eliminate bacteria and bad odors. Because of the essential oils in the mouthwash, it is important not to swallow the solution. Thus, avoid gargling during the process. As soon as the waiting time is over, you can spit out the entire solution.

After doing so, all you have to do is rinse your mouth with warm water. This way, you will have fresh breath all day long. Don't forget to brush your teeth, as both guarantee better oral hygiene.

Before using this mouthwash, you should brush your teeth with a sonic toothbrush because the bristles present all along the brush allow you to brush your teeth well and from everywhere.

What are the benefits of Tea Tree mouthwash ?

Tea Tree mouthwashes are known for the many benefits they provide to users. Thanks to its various components, they can prevent the appearance of dental caries. Indeed, the Tea Tree mouthwash is responsible for eliminating sugars and acids that linger after the meal and that saliva could not remove. Thanks to this solution, you can prevent cavities and stop their evolution if they are already present. This is true even if you have sensitive teeth or not.

On the other hand, this mouthwash contains oils that are effective against gingivitis. It is it that will stop the bleeding at the level of the gums, created by the accumulation of microbes. This product is also intended to reduce the swelling created by these pathogens. In case of dental abscess, the tea tree mouthwash is able to calm the pain that comes from it.

This pain can result from a cavity that has not been properly treated or from any other trauma suffered by your tooth. So as soon as you feel it appearing, use the tea tree mouthwash until you see a dentist. This same product is capable of considerably reducing dental plaque. It does not stop there, it is a very effective agent against periodontitis.

What are the different types of tea tree mouthwash?

Tea tree mouthwash is made with different varieties of essential oils. Each of them has specific characteristics and actions.

Essential oil of noble laurel

This oil is known for its antibacterial action which is most formidable. It is also a good antiseptic that soothes dental pain. This essential oil has an immediate effect on the bacteria present in the mouth. It is a product of choice to treat oral problems.

Clove essential oil

This is an oil that is known to handle different kinds of dental problems. It is considered as a natural local anesthetic. As a result, it greatly reduces pain from gum inflammation. Like the noble laurel, the clove allows to eliminate the bacteria installed in the oral cavity.

Peppermint essential oil

The essential oil of peppermint has several virtues that are beneficial to the mouth. First of all, it allows the rapid healing of wounds that occur inside the mouth. Moreover, thanks to menthol your mouth will be rid of bad smells and will have a healthy and very fresh breath. This is why peppermint oil is one of the most recommended for mouthwash.    

In conclusion, remember that the Tea Tree mouthwash is made with essential oils. These provide your mouth with all the benefits of this tree with multiple assets. Among the great variety of essential oils available on the market, it is up to you to choose the most suitable oil for your dental care. Do not hesitate to order in a store specialized in this type of tree extracts to receive the delivery as soon as possible.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how tea tree mouthwash works. We also hope that you have understood the benefits. The different types of tea tree mouthwash depend on the oral problem you wish to treat.


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