What if we were born without teeth?


What if we were born without teeth?

Our first teeth have been appearing at about six months of age for thousands of years. But have you ever asked yourself this question: What would I do if I didn't have any teeth?

People over 80 years old can answer you, but you're in your thirties and you have pretty perfect teeth.

As a child, your parents would have saved hours of sleep since you would not have had your teething. But most importantly, and what probably terrorized your childhood: you wouldn't have been the victim of your siblings. Because we all know that the best way to annoy your siblings is to pull out your teeth ! Unless it was you who left the imprint of your two baby teeths in your brother's arm.

As a shopping question, there are questions that we can't stand to hear anymore like: what are we eating tonight? I'm going to the supermarket, what do you want me to buy? There's never anything to eat in this house, is that when you go to the mall? This task is totally simplified since without any teeth, chewing becomes (very) complicated. Moreover your food is quickly limited.

Soup, compote, stewed fruit

After alternating with your favorite fruits and veggies, you will see after a while, you get used to it...

Goodbye mockery about your SNCF sponsored smile and bye-bye quarterly appointments with your orthodontist. One time out of two he arrives half an hour late, anyway. That was a good excuse to miss the Friday afternoon physics class, after all !

Goodbye to the little remarks your roommate repeats unceasingly every morning and every evening (without exception)!

"Remember to put the cap back on the toothpaste when you use it"; "Press the toothpaste properly"; "You'll wash the sink, there's toothpaste everywhere". It's as if you're doing it on purpose ! Without teeth, no more toothbrushes or toothpaste, so no more remarks !

The real question is: Who reseals the toothpaste?

Not having teeth is also a real time saver for beauty addicts who are in a hurry and put on makeup on the bus. We all know that it is at the lipstick stage that the bus passes a bend. The result? Teeth as red as your lips.

You feared family meals on Sundays, not because you were going to eat, but rather because your grandmother, who barely knows how to use her cell phone, absolutely wants to take a family picture. Problem? Between your sister with her yellow teeth and your cousin with his advanced teeth, the picture quickly made it to the best blooper show next Christmas...So you're going to say that being toothless won't change anything, but at least you'll all look ridiculous in the picture !

But luckily... you have teeth, otherwise we simply wouldn't have had the chance to change your life with our Y-Brush !


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