Brosse à dents électrique sonique Enfant - Y-Brush

Gentle plaque removal 2x faster

Brosse à dents électrique sonique Enfant - Y-Brush
Brosse à dents électrique sonique Enfant - Y-Brush
Brosse à dents électrique sonique Enfant - Y-Brush
Brosse à dents électrique sonique Enfant - Y-Brush
Brosse à dents électrique sonique Enfant - Y-Brush

Y-Brush NylonKids Sonic Electric Toothbrush (4-12 years old)

$79.90 - $99.90
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⏰Gentle plaque removal 2X faster than leading sonic toothbrushes
🪥A unique shape and perfectly-positioned bristles make effective brushing a breeze
🧸Encourages independence (even for little ones!), with a simplified brushing motion
💧BPA-free; made in Europe according to EU regulations
❤️‍🔥 Lifetime warranty with subscription

Kids love Y-Brush because it takes less time to get ready, leaving more time to play! Parents love it for its gentle, reach-every-corner sonic clean. So wave goodbye to endless reminders, and say hello to a kid with a sparkling clean smile.
Y-Brush is a new kind of sonic toothbrush that gently but effectively removes plaque 2x faster than leading sonic toothbrushes.

With its innovative arched shape that brushes all the teeth of a single row simultaneously (rather than one by one), Y-Brush achieves the same exceptional clean in 1 minute that a typical sonic toothbrush does in 2.

And, for kids who speed through life -- Y-Brush to the rescue! The results after just 10 seconds of using Y-Brush have been shown to be equivelant to a "normal" brush with a manual toothbrush.

Unlock brushing independence earlier. Your child uses a simple back and forth motion -- 10-30 seconds on top and 10-30 seconds on bottom. And that's it! Y-Brush takes care of the rest, with perfectly-positioned bristles that clean teeth and along gumlines like the dentist instructs, for effective, efficient plaque removal without any special effort or technique.

Sonic vibrations and soft nylon bristles are super gentle on teeth and gums, while still delivering a complete clean. Our smaller brush head designed specifically for littler mouths is made of flexible medical-grade material, easily reaching back teeth. The Y-Brush is BPA-Free, and adheres to strict EU-regulated manufacturing standards.

- For children ages 4 to 12
- 1 sonic vibration mode with easy-to-use on/off button
- Extra soft bristles
- 3 month battery life (charges in 2 hours)
- Recommended to replace brush head every 4 months
- Comes with stickers, for personalization
- 1 NylonKids toothbrush
- 1 child-sized brush head (ages 4-12)
- 1 whale-shaped toothpaste applicator
- 1 sticker sheet for personalization
- 1 charging cable
- 1 interactive accompanying video



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Lifetime warranty with subscription


Brushes all teeth in 10 sec.

Sonic vibrations

3 months' autonomy

Built-in timer

Nylon Med



Flexible filaments

Dental Floss Pick

Made from renewable resources

  • Created with biosourced
  • plant-based plastic


Travel bag

Travel with peace of mind

  • Waterproof
  • Ultra-Compact



Nylon Start has a single vibration mode. It is our entry-level sonic toothbrush.

Nylon Black is designed for sensitive gums: it has 4 modes so you can adapt both the intensity of the vibration and the brushing time to suit your needs and preferences.

Yes, Y-Brush toothbrushes are compatible with all types of braces and orthodontics.

There are no contraindications to using Y-Brush if you have a crown or an implant.

Yes you can! The cleaning power of sonic vibration and extra-soft bristles care for your teeth and gums with gentle brushing. For special gum care we recommend choosing Nylon Black.

Y-Brush toothbrushes can be used with the toothpaste of your choice. We recommend a fluid toothpaste that foams well.


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Lifetime warranty with subscriptions
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48-hour customer service response
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