Baby toothbrush


Baby toothbrush

If you're here, it's because you want to know when to start using a baby toothbrush and how to choose the right one and use it correctly. The answer is very simple: it is particularly important that your baby becomes familiar with the use of a toothbrush from a very young age because even if the milk teeth or primary teeth are temporary, their health directly impacts that of the permanent teeth. By getting into the habit of brushing early, your child will have a better chance of keeping his or her teeth and gums healthy throughout life.

Here's a guide to everything you need to know about baby toothbrushes.

What is a baby toothbrush ?

It is an electric or manual toothbrush that must be adapted to the jaw and the very fragile dentition of baby. It will allow you to brush his teeth gently and limit the risks of hurting him and/or making his gums bleed. You must remember to change your baby's toothbrush regularly. It is necessary to replace it when the hairs start to take the shape of a palm tree.

Characteristics of the use of the baby toothbrush

The age required to use the toothbrush

The sign that you need to replace the baby's wet pad with a toothbrush when brushing is: the appearance of the first baby tooth. As a general rule, the first teeth usually come in around 6 months. Brushing is done twice a day by the parents. The objective is to reduce the accumulation of dental plaque and the development of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Choosing a toothbrush

The toothbrush head should be small and compact to fit the size of baby's mouth. The brush has soft bristles. They gently remove plaque and prevent tooth decay. It should massage your baby's gums. To handle the brush easily, it needs a handle long enough to be held by an adult. It should not be handled by your baby.

Brushing teeth with a babytoothbrush

The tooth brushing technique

You must first moisten the toothbrush and brush the faces of all the teeth with a movement going from the gum towards the end of the teeth: the top and bottom are brushed separately. You should not hesitate to push back the lips slightly to have a better access to the teeth and therefore easier brushing. It is then important to rinse the brush well with clear water after use and to let it dry in a separate pot in the open air. It should not be in contact with adult toothbrushes for hygiene reasons.

Brushing without toothpaste

A child can develop dental fluorosis if he or she has absorbed too much fluoride from a fluoride toothpaste during dental development. Too much fluoride can lead to a defect in the enamel of the teeth by giving a mottled appearance to the tooth enamel. That's why you need to choose a toothpaste that is appropriate for your baby's age. However, you should know that no toothpaste is used for children under 2 years old. Therefore, you should simply use water for brushing baby's teeth. You must brush both teeth and gums

The different models of baby toothbrushes

The educational toothbrush - Nuk

It is a toothbrush sold at the price of 5,90 euros on the website. It is suitable for children from 12 to 36 months. It has a round head with soft and rounded bristles. It has an ergonomic non-slip handle. It also has a safety ring that prevents the toothbrush from being pushed too far into the mouth. It also serves as a storage holder. It does not contain Bisphenol which alters the dental enamel. It is ideal to brush the 1st teeth without wounding the fragile gums to allow baby to learn to brush the teeth alone.

The Ben Le Bambin-Bioseptyl toothbrush

It is a toothbrush sold at the price of 2,50 euros on the site of Bioseptyl. Its fine bristles adapt to the first milk teeth of baby. It is made of extra soft fibers that allow a very soft brushing. It has an anti-sinking safety ring that must be placed on the neck of the toothbrush. This brush should be replaced every 2 months for hygiene and safety reasons, as well as at the slightest sign of fragility or deterioration. Its handle is particularly fun and ergonomic. It is an eco-responsible toothbrush made in France without BPA or phthalates.

The Baby Toothbrush - Shifting Sand and Blush-Mushie

It is a toothbrush sold at the price of 7.90 euros on the site Takaterra. It is an ideal finger toothbrush to start the cleaning of teeth gently. It allows in particular the massage of the painful gums as well as the development of the good habits of oral hygiene for the baby. The soft silicone baby toothbrush offered by Mushie is BPA and chemical free. The set contains two brushes: one for you and the other for your child so that he can learn to brush his teeth by himself in the form of a game.

The Brushies 1st age toothbrush

It is a toothbrush sold at the price of 9.99 euros on the site of Vertbaudet. It is a toothbrush with an original design, playful and particularly easy to use. It slips onto the finger of your baby's hand. It is specially adapted to baby's jaw and gums to soothe his pain and help him through teething. It is particularly flexible in order to massage the gums and relieve the pains of the first teething. It allows a good learning of brushing and gives to the child the reflex of an excellent oral hygiene.

The ergonomic baby toothbrush with double face-Grabease

It is a toothbrush sold in kit at the price of 14,90 euros on the site Les Baby's. The kit contains three toothbrushes: a transparent finger toothbrush for the parents. It can be used even before the appearance of the first tooth, to relieve the gums of baby. A double-sided toothbrush, which makes brushing teeth faster and safer thanks to its choking collar. Its tapered head reaches the most teeth at once, ensuring that no tooth is missed. And finally, an ergonomic toothbrush, which fits small hands and makes brushing teeth easy and fun.

The sonic toothbrush-Foreo Issa

It is a toothbrush sold at the price of 89.45 euros on the site Look Fantastic. It is a sonic toothbrush that can be used until the age of 4 years. It is a medical grade silicone toothbrush. The silicone bristles ensure an ultra-comfortable brushing experience. The toothbrush is equipped with a massage mode, which allows it to be used on teething gums, providing a soothing sensation. The lighted "Glee" and "Glum" faces let you know when your child has brushed for two minutes and the "Glum" face appears after twelve hours of no brushing.

Sonic toothbrushes are generally more recommended by dentists although they are more expensive because they offer guaranteed brushing performance and not the massaging of teeth and gums that some toothbrushes do. They are more expensive but you will never be disappointed. So you can start with the Foreo Issa sonic toothbrush for your baby. Then, later on (from 4 years old) you can try the Y-Brush child toothbrush. It is a sonic toothbrush that simplifies the brushing of all the faces of their teeth simultaneously thanks to the filaments that have the right inclination which automates the gesture to be done.  


We hope this guide has helped you understand what a baby toothbrush is. We hope that you will be able to take into account all the elements related to its use so that it is as effective as possible. The right technique and the right toothpaste will allow you to brush your baby's teeth well. We strongly advise you to use a sonic toothbrush for babies and later for children. As for the Y-Brush for children, its effectiveness has been clinically proven.


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