electric toothbrush for children: how does it work ?


electric toothbrush for children: how does it work ?

If you are here, it is because you are looking for an electric toothbrush for your child. However, you don't know how to choose one. You want to have all the right information to make a sensible choice for your child's oral health. Don't worry, modern electric toothbrushes have everything you need: convenience, efficiency and good looks. You'll find that special something that will get your child excited about brushing their teeth.


Here's a guide to understanding how a child's electric toothbrush works and the different criteria for choosing one. They are suitable for all children.


When to start using a children's electric toothbrush?


1 ) 1 to 2 years: electric toothbrushes are not recommended

For the first age, the electric toothbrush is not recommended. It is difficult to use for children of this age. Indeed, the size of the handle, with the battery, as well as its weight, is not adapted for the small ones. Indeed, they do not have autonomy to brush their teeth alone. Their parents are therefore obliged to brush their teeth. Therefore, it is easier to use a manual toothbrush with a long thick handle. It is recommended to brush their teeth only once a day. Brushing should be done without using toothpaste, as the child does not know how to spit. They will master swallowing a little later. Therefore, before brushing, the child should use a compress soaked in water instead of toothpaste. It will be enough to rub his teeth gently with the compress. However, if he uses an electric toothbrush, this may cause serious oral problems.


The two major problems caused by its use are : 

  • the loosening of the jaw: it can be the result of the appearance of a cavity which occurs following the accumulation of dental plaque and tartar and a bad oral hygiene. 
  • the risk of gum irritation: the electric toothbrush is too hard and too abrasive for children's teeth and gums, which injures the gums.


2 ) 2 years: the electric toothbrush can only be recommended under parental supervision

It is only at this age that children can start to brush their own teeth. However, they are still too small to fully understand the steps to be taken. It is therefore important that they brush their teeth with an adult beside them. Furthermore, teeth brushing should be done at least twice a day. In order to be most effective, he should use a toothpaste with a low fluoride concentration of 500 ptm. In fact, too much fluoride in toothpaste causes: "dental fluorosis". This is characterised by the appearance of white spots on the surface of the teeth due to hypomineralisation. This causes wear to the enamel and teeth. It is therefore advisable to teach them a specific brushing technique so that they brush their teeth in such a way as to respect the necessary two minutes of brushing.

3 ) 5 years and older: the electric toothbrush becomes recommended

The electric toothbrush adapted to children can be used from the age of 5 or 6. From the age of 5, the child becomes much more independent. They can therefore use the type of electric toothbrush they want: sonic, ultrasonic or oscillating-rotating. The most recommended type is the oscillating-rotating toothbrush because it has a small, light handle with a round, rotating and removable head. In addition, from the age of 6, the risk of fluorosis is much lower. He can therefore use a toothpaste with a higher concentration of fluoride. The concentration should be between 1000 and 1500 pm. They should also brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes. There are two models of electric toothbrushes that work differently: battery-operated or by charging on a stand connected to the mains.

You may decide to opt for the Y-Brush electric toothbrush which has several advantages:

  •   "Wide target audience": can be used for children from 4 to 12 years old: they can therefore take this model of toothbrush for many years.
  • "Convenience: Toothpaste applicator for easy dosing before brushing
  • "Time saving: As younger and older children, brushing time is reduced from 2 minutes to 10 seconds because it brushes all the teeth at the same time. Brushing your teeth will no longer be seen as a chore.



What are the main advantages of a children's electric toothbrush?

1) Ease of use

A child's electric toothbrush moves back and forth along the teeth. The electric toothbrush, on the other hand, takes over the cleaning action of his teeth. He only needs to guide it along the surface of his teeth so that it does the brushing work for him. So he doesn't have to strain to get his teeth perfectly healthy and clean. In addition, the brush is usually small, which makes it easier to dose the toothpaste. Moreover, this type of toothbrush is very often ergonomic. It is therefore much more comfortable to hold in the hands. It is thus much easier for him to make precise gestures. In addition, these toothbrushes have an integrated timer. This allows the child to have a maximum brushing time of two minutes. There is no chance of cavities or plaque on the teeth.

The Y-Brush is the easiest toothbrush to use. Indeed, it simplifies the brushing by allowing to brush all the faces simultaneously because it has filaments which have the good inclination what automates the gesture of brushing to make.

2 ) A better quality of brushing

The electric toothbrush for children offers twice the brushing efficiency of a manual brush. It provides gentle and effective brushing of children's sensitive gums. This deep brushing removes plaque, which is the cause of oral diseases, to the maximum extent possible. In addition, it also facilitates access to difficult areas of the oral cavity such as the back teeth. There are two types of electric toothbrush heads, both with different brushing action. There are also some types of electric toothbrushes that can pulse to move the head in and out against the teeth as they rotate. However, it is much more interesting to choose the rotating head toothbrush or the oscillating head electric toothbrush.

Here is how to distinguish between the two types of electric toothbrush heads:

  •   The rotating head: it rotates all around each tooth to guarantee a good quality of brushing.


  • The oscillating head: the head moves from one side to the other. You will have to place it in the right position so that it can do its job properly.

Only one toothbrush offers optimal brushing quality. This is the Y-Brush toothbrush. It is made of a noble material: Nylon. It is therefore different from other electric toothbrushes made of silicone. Silicone is much less effective than nylon, as it feels more like a massage than a toothbrush.

3 ) Fun and playful for children

A child's electric toothbrush is designed to make children want to brush their teeth. Its main objective is to make them see brushing not as a chore but as a fun and relaxing moment. That's why they are often sold with Storybooks. These are fun little books with stories that introduce the importance of brushing. In addition, it usually has a built-in sound timer which is usually musical. It usually vibrates every 30 seconds while brushing the teeth. It also makes a sound when the required two minutes of brushing has been completed. The children's electric toothbrush also comes with fun activities or features. These are very often manuals that explain the different techniques for brushing your teeth.

If you are looking for a toothbrush that is perfectly playful and fun for children, you can try the Y-Brush. It makes brushing your teeth easier and more fun. In fact, it comes with stickers to customise it. So you can try the Y-Brush family pack to see if it suits your needs. 


What are the criteria for choosing an electric toothbrush for children?


1 ) A head that adapts to the teeth of a child's mouth

The electric toothbrush for children has a small rounded head to make brushing easier for the youngest. This allows them to be more dexterous when brushing their teeth. The round head makes it easier to make circular movements up and down the teeth. In addition, the heads are interchangeable. It is therefore not necessary to change the toothbrush once the handle is damaged.

If there is one toothbrush that is suitable for children's mouths, it is the Y-Brush toothbrush. Indeed, this toothbrush in the shape of Y adapts itself to all the jaws and thus to that of each child. They should take the size S which is the most adapted to their young age.

2) Type of bristles of the electric toothbrush for children

The bristles of a child's electric toothbrush are more or less soft so as not to damage the child's teeth. They therefore effectively protect your child's fragile gums, which means that brushing is gentle but effective. In addition, they are also rather soft to avoid damaging the enamel of their teeth. Moreover, the diameter of the filaments is 20 hundredths of a millimetre to go more easily into the corners of the mouth.

The Y-Brush is a toothbrush with soft and fine bristles that allows a complete brushing of the teeth both teeth and gums.

3 ) Toothbrushes with animated shapes and designs that will make children want to brush their teeth

Most children's electric toothbrushes have a rechargeable cartoon design with multiple speeds. This helps motivate the child to brush. In addition, the shapes and patterns are varied. They can find all their favourite heroes according to their personal tastes: Disney, Marvel, the Snow Queen or even Avengers. The toothbrush also has lighted patterns. 

If your child is a fan of marine animals, he or she can try the Y-Brush toothbrush. Indeed, if you take the children's pack there is a pink or blue whale applicator included inside. 



How to enable children to brush their teeth properly with an electric toothbrush?

1) The UFSBD

The UFSB or Union Française pour la Santé Bucco-Dentaire (French Union for Oral Health) gives instructions for good tooth brushing.

Here is the brushing technique recommended by the UFSB:

  •   Start with the molars of the upper jaw, cleaning the chewing surfaces.
  • Place the brush horizontally and move it back and forth about 3 or 4 times.
  • Then place the brush between the gum and the tooth and rotate from the gum to the tooth.
  • Brush the incisors tooth by tooth using small vertical movements, never horizontal
  • Then move on to the upper jaw and then the lower jaw.
  • Finish by cleaning the inside of the teeth and then the tongue and palate.

2 ) Low fluoride toothpaste

The fluoride content of the toothpaste should vary according to the age of the child. This is mainly to ensure better protection and to avoid overdosing. Low fluoride should be used between the ages of 1 and 3 years. 

Here is a summary of the quantities of fluoride authorised according to age:

  •   From 1 to 3 years : a quantity of 250 ppm and 600 ppm
  •    Over 3 years : 500 ppm and 1000 ppm
  •   Over 6 years : 1000 and 1450 ppm 

Your child can try the Y-Brush brand chewable tablets which do not contain fluoride. They therefore help to reduce acid attack, act against bacteria, fight against dental plaque and give them fresh breath in all circumstances.  



3 ) Mobile applications or tutorials

For example, the Disney MagicTimer app by Oral-B helps your children brush their teeth longer. The brushes are decorated with their favourite Disney characters. The process is as follows, an image will be revealed while your child brushes. The longer they brush their teeth, the more regularly the image will appear.

If you opt for a Y-Brush for children, you are entitled to tutorials on how to use it. It is a program of accompaniment in the use of the Y-Brush toothbrush via the user guide and mailings sent the first 3 weeks. You also have the possibility to contact the customer service via the chat on the website or by email at customer@y-brush.com for a response within 24 hours.   

We hope this guide will help you understand how an electric toothbrush works for your child. If you follow all these tips you should be able to get your child to brush properly with the brushing technique they have learned. You can also be sure that your child will maintain good oral hygiene.


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