All about remineralizing toothpaste


All about remineralizing toothpaste

As time goes by, you lose a large part of the minerals that protect your teeth. This loss results in erosion of the teeth and their progressive destruction. Remineralizing toothpaste is a solution designed to deal with this problem. Here is everything you need to know about this product.

Here is a guide that will allow you to know everything about remineralizing toothpaste. 

What is remineralizing toothpaste?

The foods you eat every day contain substances, acids and bacteria that attack the important minerals in your teeth. While brushing can help protect your enamel, you are gradually losing the minerals that make up your enamel. The reduction of these minerals leads to the erosion of teeth, promotes their loosening and the appearance of tooth decays.

Little by little, you start to have problems with bad breath, sensitive teeth and bleeding. Remineralizing toothpaste is an organic toothpaste designed to provide natural ingredients to restore the minerals needed for your teeth. It is an effective toothpaste, rich in minerals that preserves your oral hygiene.

The benefits of remineralizing toothpaste 

  • For the dental enamel: it allows to remineralize the dental enamel thanks to the presence of fluorine.
  • Against dental caries: it will make the enamel more resistant and stronger to carious attacks.
  • To maintain the balance between remineralization and demineralization of teeth: it allows to maintain a good balance between remineralization and demineralization of the hard tissues of teeth.

What are the main causes of tooth demineralization?

Several factors are responsible for the progressive loss of minerals in your teeth. One of the most important is acids. Whether they are in the bacteria present in your mouth or in the food you eat, acids attack your teeth and promote their demineralization.

You also have the different products for teeth whitening or the very act of brushing your teeth which also generate this consequence. Similarly, the action of chewing food or gum is another factor that causes the progressive loss of minerals inside the teeth. The body has a self-repair mechanism, called natural remineralization, which helps fight against this phenomenon. 

This mechanism works thanks to the calcium and phosphorus ions contained in the saliva, which help repair the dental structure. Unfortunately, this simple mechanism is not enough to face the numerous attacks suffered daily by your teeth. Remineralizing toothpaste intervenes to reinforce the process and make it more effective.

What is remineralizing toothpaste made of?

If remineralizing toothpaste is also recommended by specialists, it is essentially because it has a repairing action on teeth. Indeed, it is composed of a synthetic mineral called NovaMin which provides phosphorus, calcium and silica, all three beneficial for your teeth. It should be noted that sodium is the element that promotes the crystallization of minerals on the surface of the teeth.

Silica is responsible for the abrasive action on the dental plaque and the polishing of the teeth while phosphorus allows to make them more solid. During brushing with remineralizing toothpaste, the minerals are released to form a natural enamel layer that will solidify and protect the existing one.

In addition, it is important to note that remineralizing toothpaste can be made up of many other natural elements that are useful for the teeth. You have for example clay, effective for cleaning and known for its antiseptic virtues. It is also possible to find a toothpaste containing essential oil of mint, a plant widely used to ensure fresh breath. Fluoride is another compound that is quite often found in remineralizing toothpastes because it strengthens your tooth enamel. Other components that are unique to traditional toothpastes are also found in this one.

What are the virtues of remineralizing toothpaste?

Remineralizing toothpaste is a natural toothpaste that is effective for people suffering from tooth sensitivity. It is necessary to know that the erosion of the dental enamel is the principal cause of this phenomenon. It favors the access of acids and bacteria to the nerves connecting the teeth to the brain. Thus, any stimulus, no matter how weak, causes acute pain under the tooth.

Through the reconstruction of the enamel layer, remineralizing toothpaste protects the tubules leading to the nerves by avoiding contact with food. Not only does it clean your teeth when brushing, but it also preserves your gums for a long time to ensure good oral hygiene.

The differents brands of remineralizing toothpastes

Remineralizing toothpaste with rosemary clay - Cattier Paris

This toothpaste is sold at the price of 5 euros 20 on the site Cattier Paris. It is a remineralizing toothpaste certified organic with clay and essential oil of organic rosemary. It strengthens the gums and will help to keep teeth and gums healthy. Highly effective natural ingredients have been selected to effectively protect and clean teeth.

The remineralizing toothpaste-Erbaviva

This toothpaste is sold at the price of 2,50 euros on the site of square health beauty. The formula of this remineralizing toothpaste is enriched in grape juice and aloe vera with natural antioxidant and protective properties. In addition, the essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus give a pleasant and refreshing aroma and ensures a long-lasting fresh breath.

Tea Tree-Georganics remineralizing toothpaste

This toothpaste is sold at a price of 7.84 euros. It is a natural toothpaste particularly rich in minerals. It is mixed with organic Tea Tree oil. These tea tree leaves are used to heal cuts, treat burns and relieve skin lesions. They can also be used to heal gum disease. They also contain clay and other ingredients that help remineralize teeth and gums.

Fluor-Y-Brush® Mint Toothpaste tablets

This box of Y-Brush chewable toothpaste is sold for 9.99 euros on the Y-Brush website. It consists of 60 tablets mint taste. It allows to decrease the acid attack, to act against the bacteria, to fight against the dental plaque to allow to remineralize your dental enamel. It also gives you a fresh breath. It is rated 100/100 on Yuka. That's why you should absolutely test it.


In conclusion, remember that remineralizing toothpaste is a substance in charge of providing the necessary minerals to protect your teeth. It is made up of specific natural and synthetic substances that are effective in repairing the enamel and strengthening it against any external attack.&nbs


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