Our tips for strengthening your tooth enamel


Our tips for strengthening your tooth enamel

How can you strengthen your tooth enamel?


The surface of your teeth is called enamel. Enamel helps protect your teeth from attack by the foods you eat every day. Some wear and tear is normal, but you can do a lot to keep this barrier strong.

Follow these simple steps for a healthy mouth and a winning smile.


1. Limit sugary foods and drinks

Bacteria in your mouth feed on the sugar in food and drinks. Then they make acids that soften and wear away your enamel. Soft candy that sticks to your teeth can also cause damage. Soft drinks may contain extra acids.

Soft drinks with artificial sweeteners are a smarter choice than those with sugar, but they are also acidic and will wear away enamel over time.

The best choice when you're thirsty? A glass of still water. Be careful because some flavoured waters are acidic and can be harmful to your teeth.


2. 2. Eat foods that protect the enamel.

Calcium in food fights the acids in your mouth that cause cavities. It also helps keep your bones and teeth strong.

Milk, cheese and other dairy products help protect and strengthen enamel. Choose low-fat or fat-free foods to reduce calories.

If you don't eat dairy products, look for foods with added calcium.


3. Avoid brushing too much

You can damage your enamel if you brush too quickly and too hard. The Y-Brush toothbrush provides a perfect, effortless brushing action. You don't have to worry about pressure or the angle of brushing. Just place Y-Brush on your teeth and let it work!

Wait up to an hour after eating candy or citrus fruits before brushing your teeth. Acidic foods can soften the enamel and make it easier to damage.


4. Use fluoride

Fluoride makes your teeth more resistant to acids from food and bacteria in your mouth.

It is recommended that you use fluoride toothpaste from the first tooth and throughout your life. Rinsing with a mouthwash containing fluoride can also help prevent cavities and keep your enamel strong.


5. 5. Treat heartburn and eating disorders.

If you have severe heartburn, stomach acids can leak out and eventually reach your mouth, where they can erode the enamel.

Bulimia nervosa is another threat to your enamel.

If you have either of these conditions, talk to your doctor about treatment.


6. Beware of dry mouth

Saliva helps wash away food and bacteria that can cause cavities. It also combats the effects of acidic foods. Drink water often to keep your mouth clean and moist.

If you train hard, make sure you rehydrate during and after your workout.

Some medical conditions and medications can cause dry mouth. Talk to your doctor about treatments.


7. Have regular check-ups

To keep your teeth strong, see your dentist every 6 months for an examination and cleaning. He or she can spot signs of problems such as cavities or tartar before they get worse.

Your dentist will also make sure you get the right amount of fluoride to harden and protect the enamel. If your water supply is not fluoridated, ask your dentist if you need fluoride supplements or mouthwashes.


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