The advantages of an electric brush for 3 year olds


The advantages of an electric brush for 3 year olds

Your child doesn't like to brush his or her teeth, so don't worry about it. The electric toothbrush is the ideal tool to ensure his oral hygiene. Your star can use it for his daily brushing. This type of brush comes at an affordable price and sometimes has gadgets to brighten up your kids' brushing time. What are the benefits of this type of product and how do you choose it?

Here's a guide to help you learn more about the benefits of an electric brush for 3-year-olds. 

The electric toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is a toothbrush that uses electrical power, usually supplied by a battery, to rapidly oscillate the brush head, either side to side or in a circular motion, to reduce the manual effort of a manual toothbrush and improve tooth brushing. It can be combined with a hydropulper.

The electric brush for children

The electric toothbrush used to be used by grown-ups. Today, even your children can use it. You will have to pay attention to the version of your electric brush and choose the "kids" version which is adapted for young children. This model has the particularity of being lighter with a small head adapted to the mouth of your children. The use is also simplified with the unique presence of the "ON" button. It can also be equipped with a timer, an LED light or a vibrator to notify your child when brushing is finished. The electric brush can run on batteries or can be rechargeable.

The advantages of the electric brush

It offers multiple advantages. Using this type of product allows your child to brush his teeth while having fun. The electric brush allows :

  • To clean the teeth and to protect the gums of your child;
  • To ensure a good oral hygiene to him;
  • To use an adapted material for his oral health;
  • To have a more entertaining approach;
  • An ease of use.

The electric brush allows your children to have a better oral hygiene while remaining fun.

Tooth cleaning and gum protection

The electric brush is more effective than a traditional brush. It removes dental plaque and protects your children from gingivitis and tooth decay from an early age.

A better oral hygiene

Thanks to regular brushing with this type of product, your child's dental health is guaranteed. You must follow the instructions for use and show your child the appropriate gestures and movements. He will then be able to brush his teeth properly.

The right cleaning product

Electric brushes have pressure sensors. These sensors measure the pressure on a tooth. If the pressure is too high, the brush stops working. This safety feature is very effective for the safety of teeth and gums.

An entertaining approach

Electric brushes have a musical feature that can be activated as soon as your child starts brushing. The music lasts for a full brushing session, between 2 and 3 minutes. This music allows your child to spend a pleasant moment.

A simple use

The use is easy and very simple. Children's electric brushes usually have a single "ON" button. Once you show your children the mechanism, they can use it effectively.

So it's obvious that an electric brush is better than a traditional brush. It guarantees safety, comfort and ease of use. 

Choosing an electric brush for your child

You can buy this type of brush for your child from the age of 3. You should consider the size of the brush head, which should fit your child's mouth. The length and softness of the bristles should also be taken into account. The bristles should be soft and of a suitable size so as not to damage your child's teeth or gums.

You should also consider the power supply (battery or rechargeable) and the power of the brush. A brush with a timer would be ideal to let your child know when he or she has brushed. The brush should have a good grip to facilitate brushing movements.

Take into consideration your child's taste in terms of colour preferences. The product should comply with French and European standards. For reasons of hygiene and safety, the brush should be replaced on average every 6 weeks.

The ideal electric toothbrush for children

  • The size of the handle: It is important to choose a child's toothbrush with a small and light handle. This allows your child to feel comfortable when brushing their teeth. The handle of the toothbrush should be adapted to the child's teeth to facilitate a good grip. A wide, rather flat and very light handle will help with the grip.

  • A round, rotating and removable head: To properly treat the spaces between your child's teeth. It is important to choose a toothbrush with a round, rotating head. It is only from the age of 6 years that this criterion is less important. Having a removable toothbrush will allow you to change the shape of the head without having to replace the entire toothbrush.

  • The stiffness of the bristles: it is important to choose an electric toothbrush with soft bristles that do not scratch the enamel and protect your toddlers' gums.

  • Brush size: It is important to favour small brushes: An electric toothbrush for children should have a small brush to facilitate the dosage of toothpaste.

Price of electric toothbrushes for children

Prices vary depending on the range of products you buy. For an entry-level electric brush, you should budget between €7 and €10. For the mid-range models, you need to budget between 10 and 15 €. For the special models, you will get them between 15 and 25 €. If you put a little more money you can have a sonic toothbrush. This is a toothbrush that emits sonic vibrations which will allow you to brush your teeth much more efficiently.

This is the case with the Y-Brush toothbrush which is a toothbrush that provides a good cleaning by allowing you to remove most of the plaque on your teeth.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand what an electric toothbrush is and more specifically what an electric toothbrush for children is. All the benefits of the electric toothbrush are benefits that you will never find on a manual toothbrush. It is important to make the right choice by following the right criteria. The price will also tell you if the electric toothbrush is of good quality. 


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