Which mouthwash for a toothache ?


Which mouthwash for a toothache ?

If you are here, it is because you feel strong pain in your teeth. It is a more or less diffuse pain that you feel more or less episodically. It is most often due to a cavity that has not been properly treated. You are unable to relieve this pain with the medication you find in the pharmacy. Don't panic, just find the mouthwash that is best suited to your level of pain and follow up with the most appropriate individual treatment. 

Here is a guide to finding the most suitable mouthwash for you that you can either make or buy.

What is a toothache ?

It is an intense dental pain that is caused by the inflammation of the dental pulp. The dental pulp is the inner part of the tooth. It includes various nerves and vessels which explains the appearance of a very intense pain. Tooth decay or dental trauma can be the cause of a toothache.

The risk of complications from toothache

A toothache, whether temporary or not, can become more intense at any time. It is therefore important to treat the cause of the toothache to avoid complications. There are two types of pulpitis that cause toothache:

  • Reversible pulpitis : This inflammation is not very severe and is accompanied by acute dental pain. The elimination of the irritating factor is enough to make the pain disappear
  • Irreversible pulpitis : This inflammation can evolve and become complicated. A pulp necrosis can appear.

To prevent the risk of complications, you can first use mouthwash before resorting to the treatment of infectious cellulitis of the face.

The different home-made mouthwashes

1) Mouthwash with vinegar

Vinegar has a revulsive action on the oral mucosa. It activates the circulation and the cellular exchanges which attenuates the pains by supporting the process of cure of the toothache. It also eliminates naturally the tartar of the teeth which is at the origin of the pains on the level of the gums.

The recipe for this mouthwash is very simple: 

  • Dilute a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water
  • Take a sip of the mixture that you will drink at the place where your teeth hurt particularly.
  • Spit out the mixture and then do it again
  • Rinse your mouth with pure water

This mouthwash is not recommended for people whose teeth are particularly sensitive to acids.

2) Baking soda mouthwash

This is an antacid and antiseptic substance that is effective when there is too much acidity in the mouth. It allows to bring back the pH to a more balanced level. It does not have direct analgesic effects on dental pain but will be anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It thus attenuates the pain to accelerate the cure of your toothache.

The recipe for this mouthwash is very simple:

  • Put a teaspoon of bicarbonate powder in a glass of water.
  • Keep the mouthwash in your mouth for one minute before spitting it out
  • Always keep the mixture cool between uses
  • Use the mouthwash 4 to 5 times a day to clean the infected area and remove impurities.

3) Clove mouthwash

Clove is particularly recommended to fight against dental and oral infections. Indeed, it has antiseptic, disinfectant and local anesthetic properties that can relieve severe dental pain, in other words, all oral diseases such as: cavities, mouth ulcers, gingivitis, periodontitis but especially toothache.

The recipe for this mouthwash is very simple:

  • Bring 250 ml of boiling water to the boil
  • Add 5 cloves to the boiling water
  • Let it steep while the mixture cools
  • Once the water has cooled, strain it and gargle with it

The different mouthwashes available on the market

1) Parodontax daily mouthwash with fresh mint

This mouthwash is available for 5.09 euros on the Monoprix Plus website. It helps to protect the gums to get stronger teeth. It helps to reduce the formation of bacteria of the dental plaque. The daily use of this mouthwash makes it possible to strongly reduce the dental plaque thanks to its low concentration of chlorinexidine to relieve the toothache. 

2 ) Dentex mouthwash

This mouthwash is sold at 8.36 euros on the PharmaGdd website. It is an essential mouthwash solution for oral hygiene in case of minor irritations of the mucosa and gums. Its active substance: hydrogen peroxide helps to kill the bacteria responsible for gum disease and toothache.

3) Bioseptyl Freshness and Protection Mouthwash

This mouthwash is sold for 10.90 euros on the Bioseptyl website. It is a mouthwash solution that helps to fight against dental plaque and at the same time brings you a fresh breath. It is certified organic by Ecocert. It is also without flavour of synthesis and without fluorine what enables him to relieve the oral pains.  

You must also use in parallel a toothpaste which will also relieve your toothache. For example, the Y-Brush brand fluoride-free toothpaste tablets. It is a toothpaste that reduces the acid attack, acts against bacteria and fights against dental plaque. It can therefore effectively relieve a toothache.   


Mouthwash: an effective treatment for toothache

Mouthwash can relieve the pain of toothache. However, it is important to have a much more thorough dental treatment depending on the dental neuralgia.

Among the dental treatments often performed to relieve a toothache, there are :

  • Pulpectomy or devitalization : the dentist extracts the pulp tissue from the tooth and then cleans the inside of the tooth root canals. The dentist completes the procedure by sealing the inside of the roots to block the growth of bacteria and ensure that the tooth is watertight.
  • Drainage of the abscess : This involves draining the pus that has accumulated and cleaning the root canals.
  • Extraction of the tooth : this may be necessary if the infection is severe.
  • Use of anti-inflammatory drugs : diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen


We hope this guide has helped you understand what ingredients you can use in your mouthwash or what mouthwash you can use to relieve your toothache. As for the treatment, it depends on the recommendations of your doctor according to the intensity of the pain felt. 


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