What is the use of a connected toothbrush for kids?


What is the use of a connected toothbrush for kids?

Brushing children's teeth can sometimes be a real chore. To modernize and make this task easy, the connected brush has been designed and put on the market. This way, brushing teeth will be a quick and easy exercise to do when needed. Here are the intricacies you need to know about a connected brush before giving it to your child.

Here is a guide to understanding the usefulness of a connected toothbrush for kids.

What is a connected toothbrush for kids?

The connected toothbrush for children, unlike the classic one, is electric. Its great feature is that it has a Bluetooth connectivity. This feature allows you to send all the information about your child's tooth brushing to your smartphone. You will receive data for example on the frequency of cleaning, the area brushed.  

You also have the possibility to know the time it takes for each toothbrushing. Then, this information is linked to give you a report on how your child brushes. With this innovation, cleaning teeth is now just a game for him.

How does a connected toothbrush work?

The connected children's toothbrush works in the same way as the classic electric one. Indeed, it is waterproof and also has a rotating head to be replaced on a regular basis. This will help to provide good oral health to your child. The bluetooth system associated with this brush is designed to improve the use and performance of the child with small tips.

Before giving this advice, an analysis has been done beforehand to identify anything that needs to be corrected. Since it is an electric device, it needs to be recharged. This is done by induction via a base of magnetic nature. The recharging of the connected toothbrush is done through a system consisting of a receiver and a transmission support. Finally, it has an autonomy of up to one week of use.

Why use a connected toothbrush for children ?

There are several reasons why parents opt for a connected toothbrush for children. This is because it has many advantages. First of all, it allows you to track the brushing that your children do every day. This way, you can know if they are doing it well or not. If it is not done well, the application linked to the brush provides tips to improve the execution.

This way, your child will be able to brush with more efficiency. Thanks to its playfulness, the connected toothbrush gives a fun and easy touch to cleaning for children. This is thanks to the different games that the app offers. With this tool, tooth brushing will be done as it should be. You will get a result largely up to your expectations.

How to properly choose a connected toothbrush for kids?

There is a diverse range of connected toothbrushes for in on the market. Before you make a choice, there are several things to consider. For starters, make sure the size of the brush is compatible with your child's mouth. That way, it will fit easily into his or her mouth and do the cleaning.

Choose toothbrushes with drawings. You can choose one with your child's favorite cartoon character for example. Don't forget to choose a model with a wide handle. This will allow you to hold it well and brush your teeth properly. Another important thing to consider is whether the application has adequate features. These are the ones that will make it easy to use the toothbrush and make it perform better. Finally, to make sure you make the best choice, look for the best brands in the field.

How much does a connected toothbrush cost ?

The cost of a child's connected toothbrush varies first of all depending on the brand you turn to. In addition to that, the different options that the application will offer will also increase the price. Thus, to acquire a connected toothbrush for children, you will have to spend between 35 and 200€. The applications and their installations are completely free. Now that you know everything about the connected toothbrush for kids, you can buy one with ease.

The connected toothbrush is an accessory that is increasingly loved by children. It allows them to make their mouths clean while having fun. 

If you are not necessarily convinced by the connected toothbrush, you can opt for a sonic electric toothbrush Y-Brush for kids. This is a toothbrush that offers effective brushing of each tooth in just 10 seconds but also of the gums. It allows to brush all the faces even internal of the teeth simultaneously. It provides 3 modes of vibration: soft, normal and intensive.  


We hope this guide has helped you understand what a connected toothbrush is. We also hope that you have understood how a connected toothbrush works. The way it works will help you not to get confused when you start using it. All the reasons stated will convince you to use it full time. The connected toothbrush with drawings is the most recommended. There is no recommended price, it all depends on your budget. The connected toothbrush is also an accessory that can be used by the whole family.


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