What does the way you squeeze your toothpaste reveal about your personality?


What does the way you squeeze your toothpaste reveal about your personality?

According to psychologists, 40% of decisions are not made consciously, but are the result of our habits. What you consider insignificant actions that are part of your daily routine can actually reveal a lot about your personality and your current state of mind.

To better understand your personality, pay attention to the way you use your toothpaste tube, you might be surprised!



1. You roll the tube of toothpaste from bottom to top


You are a thrifty and orderly person. You are very interested in the people around you and that is why they trust you. You are perfectionists and you do not tolerate waste. You are used to working hard and efficiently and always make sure that your life is organised.



2. You press in the middle of the toothpaste tube



You are a realistic and active person, but above all, in a hurry. You are not the most organized person in the world but you know how to show courage and resistance in the face of a challenge. In addition, you are very emotionally stable.



3. You press down on the top of the toothpaste tube.


You are stubborn and you can do a lot to get what you want to achieve your goals. You tend to be often pessimistic and don't always trust people because you prefer to rely on your intuition. You sometimes seem to be selfish and have high self-esteem.



4. You leave your toothpaste tube intact











You like to be alone and you are a great dreamer with an artist's soul. You always have a lot of creative ideas. Sometimes you seem to live in your own world, however, you are gentle, sensitive, tolerant and easygoing.




5. You press in different places on the toothpaste tube.











You have a creative mind, you have the ability to see the world in a different light than the vast majority of people. It can be difficult for you to be punctual and organized. You are brimming with optimistic energy and open-mindedness, yet it is not uncommon for you to have mood swings.



So what does it say about the way you squeeze the tube of toothpaste on you?

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