The different types of toothpastes that exist


The different types of toothpastes that exist

If you are here, it is because you need to know what are the different types of toothpaste that exist in order to know which one is best for you. Indeed, it is true that each toothpaste has its specificities. However, they all have the ability to offer you good oral hygiene if you ask your dentist for advice before use. They are all equally suitable for adults and children.

Here is a guide that will allow you to understand the different characteristics and specificities of each type of toothpaste that you buy on the market or that you can make at home so that you can choose the one that will best meet all your expectations.

The right selection and use of toothpaste are important

Choosing toothpaste with or without foam

Toothpaste with foam reaches and cleans the hardest-to-reach areas of your teeth: toothpaste tablets. Chewable toothpaste is 100% natural. It is a vegan product with a mint taste. It is without fluorine and paraben. It allows to decrease the acid attack, to act against the bacteria, to fight against the dental plaque and to give a fresh breath. It is easy to carry. It contains Xylitol from the birch bark which increases the pH of the mouth and limits the development of bacteria.

Here are the various specificities of the toothpaste to crunch:

  • Its formula enriched in Xylitol also helps to fight against bad breath that makes the mouth pasty
  • It is also composed of calcium carbonate which eliminates the dental plaque and remineralizes the teeth
  • It is also composed of bicarbonate of soda known to eliminate dental plaque effectively, it promotes good oral hygiene
  • It often has a minty scent that gives a fresh, clean and toned mouth.


Toothpaste without foam is generally without fluorine which is a little less risky for your oral health. You don't have to wait for a while before brushing your teeth because it doesn't foam, so it's easy to use. It is therefore easy to use.

The different types of foamless toothpaste:


    • Weleda Gel Toothpaste without foam: It is a toothpaste sold at the price of 4,46 on the MondeBio site. It contains extracts of medicinal plants which have an action on the sensitive gums and which preserve the natural balance of the oral flora.
    • Toothpaste without foam Toothpaste stick: It is sold at the price of 6,95 on the site of Bioseptyl. it is a stick for 4 months of brushing.
      100% of the ingredients are of natural origin and 38% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

      You can opt for the toothpaste to crunch without fluorine from Y-Brush. It is a solid toothpaste to crunch which is manufactured in France. The refill contains 120 tablets with 100% natural ingredients. It is a Vegan product with mint taste which is without fluorine and paraben. 

    Harmful substances in toothpaste

    Toothpastes are very often made of harmful substances and yet they are still allowed to be sold. These harmful substances in toothpaste are both harmful to health and to the environment in general. Sometimes even the recipes for homemade toothpaste on the Internet can mislead you by suggesting that certain substances are included in the preparation. That's why it's especially important to know not to use: titanium dioxide, sulfates, triclosan and plastic microparticles and many others.

    How you squeeze your toothpaste

    It's true that the way you squeeze your toothpaste shows your personality, but it's mostly a way to get the most out of your toothpaste when brushing. Indeed, it is important to squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom to the top to get the most toothpaste possible for a brushing and thus save money. To do this, you can use a toothpaste squeezer or use one of the sonic toothbrushes because the toothpaste lathers much better and faster on this type of toothbrush even when used in small quantities.

    You can use the Y-Brush toothbrush. This is an ultra-flexible Y-shaped toothbrush that has been designed to fit all jaws. It is made of Nylon which is a much stronger and more efficient material than silicone. It allows you to apply the right amount of toothpaste for a good brushing of your teeth.

    Toothpaste without fluoride

    Toothpaste without fluoride is toothpaste that does not contain fluoride. Fluoride is a trace element, present in varying amounts in commonly consumed mineral water, in trace amounts in some foods and especially in the vast majority of toothpastes. The fact that it is fluoride-free means that you don't have to dose the toothpaste to avoid problems with your teeth and gums. It is therefore very interesting to choose a fluoride-free toothpaste for your child because he or she must take products that contain a low dose of fluoride according to their age.

    Here are the various specificities of the toothpaste without fluoride:

    • It avoids excessive fluoride ingestion which sometimes causes severe after-effects in the long term.
    • Too much fluoride accumulation over time builds up in the bones and causes a densification of the skeleton
    • It impacts the sleep hormone: melatonin, which helps us sleep properly
    • It prevents the appearance of whitish and sometimes brown stains on the teeth

    Fluoride toothpaste

    Fluoride toothpaste in tubes or solid contains fluoride. It contains water-soluble fluoride compounds. These are sodium monofluorophosphate, amine fluoride and tin fluoride which are synthetically manufactured. There are legal regulations concerning the fluoride content of toothpastes. Indeed, the fluoride content of toothpastes for adults must not exceed 1500 ppm. This content is also recommended for children from 6 years old. Fluoride acts by direct contact by strengthening the enamel of the teeth. This is why it is particularly advantageous to opt for this type of toothpaste.

    Here are the various specificities of the fluorinated toothpaste:

    • It does not attack the teeth and respects the pH of your oral mucosa
    • It makes teeth stronger and more resistant to the acids that cause cavities, but also prevents their appearance
    • It prevents the deterioration of tooth enamel
    • It is a trace element that has positive effects on bones and teeth

      Solid toothpaste

      Solid toothpaste is sold in several forms: a round pebble to be rubbed which will allow you to take your toothpaste with your toothbrush just by scratching, in powder form in order to take the toothpaste directly with the tip of the toothbrush bristles, in stick form which looks like a lollipop which allows you to take the toothpaste by rubbing from top to bottom Finally, in the form of single-use chewable tablets. It is sold or shipped with less packaging which makes it much more respectful for your oral hygiene.

      Here are the different specificities of solid toothpaste:

      • It helps preserve your oral health and the planet
      • The reusable packaging of this toothpaste allows you to do zero waste
      • it allows to make less waste than the toothpaste in tube with which we lose 4% of product during each use
      • Solid toothpastes in pebbles or tablets produce a lot of foam

      Homemade toothpaste

      Homemade toothpaste is an ecological toothpaste that reduces your carbon footprint since it avoids the transportation part. In addition, its homemade design consists of using only local products that are good for your health. It does not contain any additives like most traditional toothpastes sold in stores. However, you have to be careful not to use too much baking soda which damages the enamel of your teeth. On the other hand, it has the advantage of being economical because you don't have to spend too much money on it. You only need a little water to make it.

      Here are the different specificities of the home-made toothpaste:

      • It allows you to whiten your teeth very easily
      • It offers you the possibility to adjust the texture of the toothpaste, the taste, the abrasiveness accordingto your taste or your dental sensitivity
      • It allows you to avoid risky industrial products such as triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate or sweeteners
      • It allows you to better eliminate bad breath

      One of the main ingredients of home-made toothpaste: activated charcoal

      Activated charcoal is a miraculous product that can whiten your teeth in no time. Indeed, it captures molecules and bad toxins on the surface of your teeth to reduce stains on your teeth and purify the inside of your mouth. These properties thus make it possible to give whiteness to your teeth.

      Natural toothpaste

      Natural toothpaste is essentially composed of ingredients from nature and organic. They are based on plants such as anise, mint, green tea and essential oils such as Tea Tree, clove. The mint brings freshness to your mouth. These 100% natural and French ingredients help prevent the formation of cavities and plaque on teeth. They clean your teeth gently and take care of your teeth because they contain components that participate in the remineralization of the enamel of your teeth. All the formulas are of natural origin, healthy and vegan.

      The various specificities of natural toothpaste:

      • It is often only composed of active ingredients that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and whitening properties
      • It is without chemical preservatives that are harmful
      • It often has a "bio cosmos organic" certification
      • The natural toothpaste in powder is very easy to slip between the teeth

      Toothpaste can be an ecological toothpaste if it is perfectly biodegradable. 

      Toothpaste at a good price

      Toothpaste sold at a good price is a toothpaste gel of daily use for sensitive teeth. It is usually the one that allows to answer one of your specific needs. Indeed, it allows to answer the great majority of your specific oral problems. It offers protection against dental cavities, plaque, bad breath and improves gum sensitivity. In addition, it acts at the level of the finest grooves of the dental enamel. In addition, it actively contributes to maintaining the natural whiteness of the teeth without being aggressive to the tooth enamel. We generally find brands such as Elmex or Elgydium or Sensodyne.

        The different specificities of the toothpaste at a good price:

        • It helps to repair all the sensitive areas of the teeth
        • It relieves the pain you have when you suffer from dental hypersensitivity
        • It forms a protective layer on the surface of the dentin
        • It contains essential minerals to protect your tooth enamel

        We hope this guide has helped you understand all the things you need to consider when choosing the right type of toothpaste for you. We also hope that you will have understood the different specificities of the dentists that allow you to know precisely what each one can bring you.


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