Solid toothpaste: the complete guide


Solid toothpaste: the complete guide

Solid toothpaste tablets

Designed with natural ingredients, the toothpaste tablet is found on the shelves of organic cosmetics. It allows for healthier and more responsible tooth brushing. In addition to whitening teeth, toothpaste tablets care for the gums.  

Toothpaste tablets: why choose them?

In France, an individual buys 4.4 tubes of toothpaste each year. Although the tubes still contain 4% of toothpaste, they throw them away. This pollutes the environment and is a waste.

With the still little-known but effective toothpaste tablet, the number of tubes of toothpaste thrown away in the dustbin or in the bathroom is decreasing significantly in France and throughout the world. Indeed, this type of toothpaste is entirely made from natural materials. This is why many dentists recommend it.


Very practical use and storage

Zero Waste Toothpaste comes in tablet form for chewing to help adults brush their teeth conveniently. The tablets are packaged in biodegradable packaging, in a jar or in a refillable aluminium box.

Toothpaste tablets are sold in batches of 50 to 150 tablets, enough for 1-2 months of use, with two doses in a day. You can build up a stock by buying the toothpaste tablet per kilogram from pharmacies or authorised dealers. In addition, the tablets can last longer than the conventional toothpaste container if you seal the packaging well. This also helps to retain its natural aroma or mint taste.


Responsible use

Lozenge toothpaste is sold in different sizes to make it easier to store and refill. Some packaging is made from corn starch and paper to be disposed of in a green waste bin or used for composting. Airtight and compact, the box can be taken anywhere you go without worrying about the pellets spilling out and messing up your bag. It can also be reused. Alternatively, you can fill your empty toothpaste box with toothpaste from the paper pack.

Natural ingredients for reliable tooth brushing

Y-Brush chewable toothpaste is free from harmful substances and preservatives. It gently polishes the teeth with its high content of microcrystalline cellulose while preventing plaque and tartar and eliminating bacteria.

Brushing your teeth with toothpaste lozenge reminelarises your teeth and removes caries thanks to its fluoride or sodium fluoride content of 1500 ppm (max). This dental hygiene product contains sodium bicarbonate, which cleans and shines the teeth. It also contains active anti-caking agents such as silica, a foaming ingredient such as sodium lauroyl glutamate.

To give more freshness in the oral area, the organic chewable toothpaste is endowed with natural mint or peppermint aroma. Some organic chewable hygiene products may contain magnesium stearate, Xanthan gum, stevioside, citric acid, sodium fluoride, eugenol, mentha piperita oil... In short, the ingredients of mint toothpaste lozenges chase away bad breath and help to establish better oral hygiene


How to use a toothpaste tablet?

There is no single way to use lozenge toothpaste to achieve good dental hygiene. Nor do you need a dentist's advice to use it correctly. Simply bite the tablet, let your saliva dissolve it and lather it up. In the meantime, wet your soft-bristled toothbrush. When the tablet becomes creamy, you can brush your teeth as prescribed by the French Union for Oral Health.

Afterwards, rinse your mouth as if you were making a mouthwash. In the end, you will have healthy gums and teeth with more whiteness. Furthermore, the only precaution for using toothpaste is not to swallow it. Its high fluoride content makes it unsuitable for children's dental health (under 6 years).


The best toothpaste tablet 

Y-Brush solid toothpaste, certified organic and eco-responsible, is one of the best toothpaste products on the market. 

Of natural origin, it is an excellent alternative to toothpaste to give you smooth and clean teeth, free of plaque and cavities. This product provides fresh breath with its mint aroma. This gluten-free mint toothpaste is also suitable for a vegan diet.

To apply this toothpaste tablet, you will need the Y-Brush toothbrush. This toothbrush allows you to brush your teeth automatically. It is equipped with a 45° inclination which allows to remove effectively the dental plaque and to protect the gums.


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