Sesame oil for the teeth


Sesame oil for the teeth

Sesame is known as one of the oldest oil seeds. It originated in East Africa and spread very quickly to China, America and India. Sesame oil is used for various treatments, but also for dental problems. What are the benefits of sesame oil and how to use it on teeth? Discover this information here.

Here is a guide that will allow you to know everything about sesame oil for teeth.

What is sesame oil?

Sesame oil, like coconut oil, will deposit a greasy film on the teeth that protects against the adhesion of sugars at the origin. Therefore, the ideal would be to precede meals with a quick mouthwash or a slathering with coconut or sesame oil. The cariogenic power (caries) of the absorbed food would be considerably reduced.

How to use sesame oil for excellent dental hygiene ?

When you use sesame oil as a mouthwash, you reduce the bacteria level by 85%. It also reduces the risk of gingivitis. The oil quickly becomes whitish and thick. This is a sign that the waste in the mouth has clumped together. Mouthwash should be used before brushing your teeth and on an empty stomach.

The oil is not to be swallowed, it must be spit out about twenty minutes later. You must make it circulate in all your mouth. Then rinse your mouth with water. You will eliminate most of the bacteria and toxins in your mouth, but also keep the sensation of freshness. For a good result, do the operation during several weeks. 

What are the benefits of sesame oil mouthwash for teeth?

Sesame oil has anti-inflammatory effects on the gums and is anti-infectious. It is rich in minerals, lecithin and also contains a lot of calcium. The sesame oil mouthwash cure helps you to fight against several dental problems. It protects you against tooth decays, periodontitis, bad breath, gingivitis, dental plaque. This oil is effective against fungus and penetrates the tissues of the oral cavity to eliminate bacteria.

What other oils can be used as mouthwash besides sesame?

Several other oils are effective in keeping teeth in good condition.

Flaxseed oil

Rich in omega 3, virgin or cold pressed flaxseed oil can be used for mouthwash. This oil has positive effects on the teeth and protects you from many bacteria. It also acts on cardiovascular problems because of its omega 3 fatty acid content. It also regulates the blood sugar level and helps you fight against diabetes. You can mix it with other oil like coconut oil for more effects.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very effective for mouthwash. It has a pleasant taste and a great antibacterial property. It is therefore an excellent tool to eliminate all kinds of bacteria from your mouth and keep it clean. Natural coconut oil is very rich in trace elements, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. To fully enjoy its benefits, you should choose organic coconut oil.

Hemp oil

Hemp oil is one of the most valuable vegetable oils. Many people appreciate the benefits of this healthy and anti-inflammatory oil. Pressed hemp oil has enough beneficial properties for health. When it is of good quality, it has a light to dark green color with a nutty taste.

The oil blend

You can also use a special oil for mouthwash instead of simple vegetable oils. Mouthwash can be made by mixing several essential oils. Thyme acts against throat diseases and gingivitis. As for myrrh, it helps prevent periodontitis, bleeding gums and juniper. Finally, it gives you a healthy and fresh breath. The niaouli allows the reinforcement of the gums and the reduction of the germs. The clove helps you in the fight against the dental evils and the swelling of the gums.

How to make a toothpaste with sesame oil?

To make this toothpaste, you need two tablespoons of coconut oil. Then you need to add four tablespoons of sesame to the mixture. You also need one teaspoon of turmeric or cinnamon powder. Finally, four level tablespoons of blanc de Meudon and ten drops of mint EO. You may or may not add a level teaspoon of baking soda to obtain a whitening effect. To obtain your toothpaste, mix all the ingredients in a glass jar in a water bath.

You will have to wait a few minutes to get a smooth and homogeneous texture. When the time comes to brush your teeth, take the paste directly with your toothbrush in the jar. To obtain a thick consistency, you can add less sesame oil or more coconut oil.

If you are not necessarily satisfied in the long run by the use of sesame oil in toothpaste, you can always opt for a toothpaste in tube with mint and fluorine from Y-Brush because it is a toothpaste that includes many ingredients from organic farming that are good for your teeth.


We hope this guide has helped you understand what sesame oil is and how to use it for excellent dental hygiene. Mouthwash made from sesame oil or other oils will keep your teeth clean and healthy at all times. The same is true for sesame oil toothpaste, which brings whiteness to your teeth. However, mint toothpastes also have this effect.


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