What is tooth loosening ?


What is tooth loosening ?

Loose teeth are the final stage of gum inflammation. When the causes of tooth loosening are corrected, the patient can decide, for both aesthetic and comfort reasons, to cover the area where the gum and bone used to be or to fill the cavity in the root. However, it is important to first understand what this is and how to put an end to this oral problem.   

Here is a guide that will help you know everything about tooth loosening. 

What is tooth decay?

Tooth loosening is a disease that causes a loss of gum tissue around the teeth. It is otherwise called "gum recession". It is a periodontal condition that affects many people. If not treated as soon as possible, the gradual recession of the gums will lead to a degradation of the bone support of the tooth which can then become mobile and fall out.

Syptoms of receding teeth

Tooth loosening is most often related to an accumulation of bacteria and tartar that damage your gums. The gum no longer protects the tooth. The first symptom of receding teeth is bleeding gums when brushing your teeth. Pain and swelling of the gums accompany this sign. The tooth starts to move and may even fall out. In some cases, receding gums are the result of brushing too hard, damaging the gums and leaving the root of the tooth exposed. This indicates that proper tooth brushing is necessary. 

Causes of tooth decay

  • Age: The irrigation of the gums is not the same according to your age. In fact, loosening is a natural evolution due to aging. The clinical crown is shorter than the anatomical crown when you are young. On the other hand, when you are older, it becomes longer than the anatomical crown by migration of the gum towards the root.
  • Periodontal disease: It is most of the time the appearance of a gingivitis or a periodontitis.
  • Brushing too aggressively: brushing too hard and particularly close to the gum may cause gum recession or accelerate its progression.
  • Excessive tobacco consumption: it alters the support tissues of the teeth which is called "the periodontium". The vascularization is thus reduced at the level of the gums which are much more vulnerable to the attacks of tartar, dental plaque.
  • Diabetes: It is a particularly known factor of aggravation of the periodontal disease.
  • Orthodontic treatment: can aggravate a periodontal disease if it is already present, as well as all unsuitable dental care (old dental prosthesis or not perfectly respecting the anatomy).

Methods to prevent tooth decay

Optimal tooth brushing

This is where it all starts. To prevent plaque from building up, teeth must be brushed properly. Brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a day for 2 minutes. It is important not to attack them. We therefore advise you to use a soft bristle toothbrush or, even better, an electric toothbrush which removes more plaque.

A global hygiene of life

Indeed, the health of your teeth is not limited to your oral hygiene. It also involves a varied and balanced diet, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet, with a regular and important intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid excess sugar, salt and fat. Finally, reduce as much as possible your consumption of alcohol and tobacco, both of which are aggravating factors in the phenomenon of tooth loosening.

Regular visits to the dentist

Finally, to avoid tooth decay, nothing beats a regular visit to your dentist. A routine visit every year will allow him/her to monitor the condition of your teeth, and to suggest preventive solutions to avoid periodontal disease or any other problem that could cause tooth loosening.

The use of the electric toothbrush

Sonic electric toothbrushes are equipped with several modes of sonic vibrations that gently brush your teeth and gums for a precise and more comfortable cleaning of your teeth. They have fine, soft bristles that are perfect for particularly sensitive gums and teeth.   

The Y-Brush electric sonic toothbrush may be the right toothbrush for you. Indeed, it is a toothbrush that has several modes of sonic vibrations: soft, normal and intensive that you can choose according to your dental sensitivity.     


We hope this guide has helped you understand what tooth decay is and the symptoms of tooth decay. Regardless of the cause of your tooth loss, it is important to use all methods to prevent tooth loss. The use of a sonic electric toothbrush is obviously particularly recommended to take the best care of your teeth.      


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