Why choose an eco-friendly toothpaste ?


Why choose an eco-friendly toothpaste ?

As part of an ecological approach, you want to concoct a zero waste toothpaste recipe? In this case, discover how to make an eco-friendly toothpaste or 100% natural toothpaste that will make you and your oral cavity happy! Brushing your teeth is one thing, doing it with organic toothpaste is another. Discover the most optimal way to brush your teeth with a zero waste homemade toothpaste kit!

Here's a guide to why you should choose one eco-friendly toothpaste over another.

Make your own toothpaste for good oral hygiene

Brushing your teeth properly is the basis of good oral hygiene. Note that the choice of toothpaste used is also important. For example, to get whiter teeth, use a whitening toothpaste. The ecologists on the other hand are not very convinced by the tubes of Colgate toothpaste or Signal toothpaste that are easily found on the market. At this point, it is possible to make your own eco-friendly toothpaste by providing yourself with the right natural ingredients that will compose it. The solution of creating your own whitening toothpaste is particularly important for teeth that are sensitive to toothpaste containing certain substances.

The ingredients to make your toothpaste

How about a refillable toothpaste tube ? A zero waste toothpaste recipe can save you money, while being effective, even without fluoride. Note that too much fluoride toothpaste can lead to fluorosis and leave some unpleasant white spots on your teeth. Do what's best for your oral health and choose a toothpaste that will take good care of your tooth enamel. And this time, the ingredients you'll have to find won't be in the soap department, but in the zero waste kitchen! So let's get started?

To start, get all kinds of essential oil drops. You don't need to mix everything to have healthy teeth, some oils will be enough to make a better toothpaste. For example, take:

  • Lemon essential oil;
  • Peppermint essential oil;
  • Clove oil;
  • Coconut oil.

Take a few drops and mix them with a teaspoon of Manuka honey, baking soda and activated charcoal.

By mixing the whole, you will obtain a toothpaste of natural origin very effective against the cavities and against the formation of the dental plaque.

Protect tooth enamel by practicing good oral hygiene

Whatever toothpaste you use, make brushing your teeth after every meal a habit you can't live without. Nothing is more repulsive than bad breath and acid attacks, which can lead to gingivitis and even periodontitis. For a bright white smile and perfect teeth, use an eco-friendly mint toothpaste with sodium cocoyl isethionate. To whiten your teeth and for impeccable dental hygiene, use a fluoride-free toothpaste. Ecological toothpaste is perfect for fighting tartar formation and for obtaining a unique sensation of freshness. As you can see, your dental health must be a primary concern, which is why your hygiene products must be selected with great care.

Opt for an eco-friendly toothpaste sold in stores

Toothpaste with mint and lemon charcoal-Coslys

It is sold at the price of 4.72 euros on the Greenweez website. It has a formula enriched with pine charcoal and aloe vera. It is above all an organic toothpaste that restores brightness and whiteness to your teeth. The organic essential oils of lemon and peppermint present allow to sanitize your mouth and to maintain a good oral hygiene and a fresh breath throughout the day. It is without fluorine, without dioxide of titanium and without dye of synthesis which are harmful for your health.

The organic toothpaste in tube Y-Brush

It is sold at the price of 7.99 euros on the site of Y-Brush. It is a toothpaste Made in France and BIO with mint aroma 100% natural. It has a fluoride content of 1450 ppm which effectively strengthens the tooth enamel, fight against the formation of cavities, fight plaque and act against bacteria. The two main ingredients of this toothpaste are: Decyl Glucoside and Sodium Hydroxide. They act as pH regulators to allow a more gentle cleaning.

Alternative: Organic toothpaste tablets

Have you ever tried solid toothpaste? It is a calcium carbonate based toothpaste that is perfect against tooth sensitivity. You've already seen how to make a homemade toothpaste recipe. If you find it too complicated or you don't have the time, you should know that there is chewable toothpaste filled with mineral salts and essential oils that you can easily adopt. This new kind of innovative organic toothpaste is all the rage right now, especially since it effectively combats dental hypersensitivity.

To complete your ecological approach with an eco-friendly mint-flavored toothpaste, consider opting for a bamboo toothbrush. You will get a healthy mouth, a fresh mouth and white teeth at the same time. White clay and aloe vera powder toothpaste is another great tooth care solution for fresh breath and clean teeth!

The different types of organic toothpaste tablets

Crystal Toothpaste with two mints-Pachamamai

It is sold at the price of 10,50 euros on the site Pachamamai. It is a solid vegan toothpaste which cleans the teeth perfectly. It brings a perfect freshness to your teeth without being abrasive. All these ingredients together is : Xylitol, calcium carbonate, green clay, coconut oil, and essential oils of peppermint and field mint contained in its formula can eliminate impurities, limit tartar on your teeth and keep a fresh breath throughout the day.

The organic toothpaste child without fluorine-Toofruit

It is sold at the price of 4,85 on the site sensnature. this toothpaste for the children is certified bio and made up of more than 99% of ingredients of natural origin. It forms a generous foam even without containing fluorine or surfactant. Indeed, the effect of fluorine is compensated by the presence of erylite: It is a molecule resulting from the fermentation of glucose which makes it possible to prevent the formation of the caries. Moreover, apple water and aloe vera prevent the formation of dental plaque. The vegetable glycerin soothes the gums.

You can use a sonic toothbrush with your ecological toothpaste. For example, you can choose the Y-Brush toothbrush. It is a toothbrush with different modes of vibration that actively removes plaque and protects the gums.


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