Toothbrushes made in France


Toothbrushes made in France

When we talk about French toothbrushes, we usually refer to the ecological toothbrush that makes teeth cleaner and leaves less waste in the bathroom. La Brosserie Française, represented by the brand Bioseptyl, is one of the first manufacturers of this type of brush since Alphonse Dupont in 1845. Today, there is the French company Caliquo, which joins the ranks of manufacturers of ecological toothbrushes with an interchangeable head and a handle made of beech wood or bioplastic.

The handle of the toothbrush made in France

With the zero waste concept, the ecological toothbrushes made in France are designed to reduce the amount of plastic wasted (1400 tons/year). To do this, their handles are handcrafted from biodegradable materials such as wood, bamboo and biosourced plastics. In addition to being designed with biodegradable material, the French hand brush has an interchangeable brush head. This also helps to reduce waste. Whether it is the Bioseptyl toothbrush or the Caliquo toothbrush, the handle of an ecological toothbrush has an ergonomic design that allows a more comfortable brushing. Its manufacturing material comes mainly from the residues of other industries and you can recycle after its end of life.

Calliquo french toothbrush handle

For a more convenient, healthier and environmentally friendly brushing, the Calliquo toothbrush handle is made of bioplastics or wood. It also has a refillable head. Unlike Asian bamboo toothbrushes, the French-made manual toothbrush is more durable (10 years) thanks to its eco-friendly design. Some bioplastic models include castor oil strands to ensure that its use promotes better oral health and does not harm the ecosystem.*

Bioseptyl Toothbrush Handle

For Bioseptyl toothbrushes, the handles are made from a blend of 100% recycled polypropylene and BPA-free biobased plastics so that they last much longer. Indeed, recycled plastic loses its mechanical properties while remaining strong. For the Dubois toothbrush models from Bioseptyl, the handles are made of red beech wood from French eco-managed forests. These handles are treated with food grade varnish and sometimes with essential oils.  



Oral care: the best organic toothbrushes in France

There are several manufacturers of electric brushes with timer (Oral-b, Philips Sonicare, Gum...). However, there are only two manufacturers of manual brushes and ecological brushes of artisanal manufacture in France. They are and very advanced models like the Y-Brush toothbrush allowing a brushing between 5 and 15 seconds, on all dental faces and interdental spaces. Calliquo and Bioseptyl toothbrushes from the Brosserie Française directed by Olivier Remoissonnet. Here are some models of their best products. 



Junior toothbrush Bioseptyl for a good dental hygiene

To have a good oral health in children from 7 to 10 years old without specific pathology, use the red beech wood toothbrush of the Brosserie Française. Its brush head, smaller or medium size, is equipped with soft and fine bristles made of vegetable filaments. These bristles take care of the gums and can reach the back teeth and interdental spaces just like the electric sonic toothbrush. This children's toothbrush is suitable for classic brushing and very practical thanks to the thumb rest and the marked area on the handle. Moreover, after 3 months of use, it is disposable in the household waste.

In addition, Bioseptyl encourages children to brush their teeth responsibly. To do so, it proposes the Recyclette Junior equipped with a recyclable plastic handle and vegetable-based filaments. Its brush head has fine and flexible bristles able to remove plaque without damaging the gums. You just need to apply the right toothpaste.

Caliquo toothbrush for better oral hygiene

Brush your teeth healthily while reducing waste: this is Caliquo's objective with its refillable toothbrush made of oak wood. Its handle has a white head on which you attach the refillable heads with 1010 nylon bristles. Once used, these heads can be recycled. Handcrafted by cabinetmakers, this manual toothbrush is environmentally friendly and durable.

Dentists also recommend using the Caliquo refillable children's toothbrush to preserve baby tooth enamel and sensitive gums in toddlers. This interchangeable toothbrush also adapts to the curved shape of their molars.


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