Why choose a biodegradable toothpaste?


Why choose a biodegradable toothpaste?

The "zero waste" hygiene products that respect the environment are the future. It is essential to stop consuming plastic which contributes to pollution. That's why toothpastes for adults and children made with natural and biodegradable ingredients have a good place on the market. They allow you to keep a good oral hygiene thanks to ingredients from nature such as xylitol found in birch bark or papaya enzyme. 

Here is a guide to help you understand why you should choose a biodegradable toothpaste.

What is biodegradable toothpaste?

Biodegradable toothpaste is a solid or tube toothpaste. The products contained inside are generally vegan products that have not been tested on animals and are 100% natural. It is used for a daily use to be able to find white teeth, or still for sensitive gums, these products of hygiene bio will know how to treat each one of your oral particularities.

The main components of biodegradable toothpaste

The composition of biodegradable toothpaste will mostly include the same natural products.

Here are the main components of biodegradable toothpaste:

Xylitol instead of fluoride

Traditional toothpastes use fluoride to prevent cavities. However, an overdose of fluoride can be harmful. That's why this toothpaste contains xylitol. This is a natural active ingredient that multitasks. It helps to reduce enamel erosion, balance the pH of the mouth. This will help to reduce the acidity and stimulate the production of saliva.

Hydroxyapatite that protects tooth enamel

Dental enamel is a particularly thin and solid layer that covers the surface of the teeth. Over time, it will become thinner due to the acidity of food or the use of certain medications. Since it cannot regenerate itself and its loss can cause oral problems, it is important to take care of it.

Potassium nitrate reduces tooth sensitivity

For some people, the contact of acidic, hot or cold food or drinks or air on the teeth can be intolerable. Flossing or even brushing the teeth is therefore difficult. Potassium nitrate is a natural solution that is indicated in cases of very painful tooth sensitivity. It is a mineral that can desensitize the exposed nerve endings. It allows people to brush their teeth without pain.

Papaya enzyme makes teeth whiter

Papaya enzyme acts like a little knife that gets into the crevices of your teeth and cuts out the stains often caused by food. It offers you scientifically proven results after only three days of use, these ultra whitening naturapeutic toothpastes.

The charms of biodegradable toothpaste

Generally, biodegradable toothpastes do not contain parabens, silicones and other questionable compounds. They contain 100% natural ingredients. We find the following natural components inside a biodegradable toothpaste:

  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI): it is a soft surfactant which is manufactured from coconut oil and allows to make foam the toothpaste.

  • Stearic acid: this is a fatty acid naturally present in most butters and vegetable oils and helps to thicken the cosmetic.

  • Calcium carbonate: this mineral ingredient acts as a thickener, a gentle abrasive and a shining agent for your teeth.

  •  White clay: this gentle abrasive helps to cleanse and neutralize acidity.

  • Green clay : it is ideal to take care of sensitive gums.

  • Xylitol: an extract of birch bark that reduces acidity harmful to your teeth, reduces the formation of dental plaque and effectively fights against bacteria that cause cavities.
  • Coconut vegetable oil: known for its antibacterial properties.

  • The vegetable coal: the solid toothpaste with coal detoxifies, purifies and cleanses your mouth and allows to neutralize the bad breath.

  •  Eucalyptus and spearmint essential oil: stimulates and refreshes. 

The different brands of biodegradable toothpastes

The toothpaste sensitive gums-The tube

This toothpaste is sold for 9.20 € on the Greenweez website. It is an organic toothpaste with ratanhia and a vegetable base with 29% aloe vera and 3% coconut oil. It acts against dental plaque and occasional bleeding gums. It does not contain essential oil, alcohol or allergens. It is sold in a 100% aluminum tube which is infinitely recyclable.

We hope this guide will help you understand what biodegradable toothpaste is. We also hope that you have understood what the main components of biodegradable toothpaste are. It is important to understand what are the charms of biodegradable toothpaste. It is important to understand what the different biodegradable toothpastes are so that you know which one is the most suitable for your needs
Toothpaste in tablets-PAOS

The fresh mint chewable toothpaste is a toothpaste sold for 9.90 euros on the Greenweez website. It is a natural formula that effectively cleans your teeth and gives you fresh breath. It is a fresh formula of 100 tablets that cleans teeth gently, fights against dental plaque, prevents the appearance of cavities, remineralizes teeth and gives you a fresh breath. Its bottle is perfectly refillable and reusable.

Fluoride Toothpaste in a tube-What Matters

It is a toothpaste sold at the price of 9,90 euros on the site of Greenweez. It is a 99% natural toothpaste formula with mint. It prevents cavities and protects sensitive gums. It contains 1450ppm of fluoride, following the advice of the High Authority of Health. It will therefore prevent cavities and protect sensitive gums. It contains 1450ppm of fluorine, according to the advice of the high authority of health.

The solid toothpaste with peppermint Lamazuna

It is a natural toothpaste 100% and 100% biodegradable. It is suitable for vegans and is respectful of the body and the environment. It is ecological because it encourages zero waste. It is also economical, practical and easy to use. It reduces plaque, freshens breath and nourishes the gums. It keeps gums and teeth healthy and fights against bad breath.

The toothpaste gel plant-Weleda bio

The organic toothpaste Weleda is in toothpaste based on plant extracts, chamomile flower, ratanhia root but also myrrh resin and mint to eliminate bacteria and control gum discomfort. This provides a much more natural method of cleaning. It also contains vegetable extracts very active on the health and the wellbeing of the gums, by the presence of the silicic acid bringing silica which is a soft abrasive. The packaging of the toothpaste is perfectly recyclable.

Toothpaste in Y-Brush tube

It is a toothpaste in tube made in France and BIO. It has a mint aroma 100% natural. It will guarantee you an ideal sensation of freshness after each brushing of your teeth. It has a content of fluorine of 1450 ppm is recommended by the French Union of the oral health. It will allow to reinforce effectively the dental enamel of your teeth, to fight against the formation of cavities, to fight the dental plaque and to act against the bacteria. Its transparent and fluid paste allows a washing of brush more effective and fast. Thanks to Decyl Glucoside and Sodium Hydroxide, which acts as a pH regulator, the toothpaste formula allows for a more gentle cleaning. In addition, Hydrated Silica is perfect for fragile and sensitive gums and forms a perfect blend, coupled with Glycerin that helps the beneficial ingredients to penetrate the skin and preserve moisture. The toothpaste packaging is biodegradable. Don't forget to use a good sonic toothbrush with this toothpaste.  

We hope this guide will help you understand what biodegradable toothpaste is. We also hope that you have understood what the main components of biodegradable toothpaste are. It is important to understand what are the charms of biodegradable toothpaste. It is important to understand what the different biodegradable toothpastes are so that you know which one is the most suitable for your needs


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