What devices to whiten teeth?


What devices to whiten teeth?

Teeth whitening devices

To give yourself white teeth and a bright smile, use modern teeth whitening kits such as the connected LED trays or the LED lamp. You can also use disposable devices to whiten your teeth permanently. Here are some professional teeth whitening products that can be used at home.

The connected LED mouthpiece

The connected LED tray, made partly from silicone, has an ergonomic U-shaped design like some electric toothbrushes. It has built-in LED strips that drive the active ingredients in the gel to whiten your teeth without damaging your gums. You can connect it to your smartphone or USB stick via a cable. Some models can run for up to 10,000 hours.

To have healthy and white teeth, perform a proper treatment with this device after brushing. First, spread 1 ml of whitening gel inside the tray. Then connect the device and insert it into your oral cavity. Then, whiten for 20 minutes (x1 per day), making sure that the tray fits snugly against your teeth. You can apply slight pressure if necessary. It is advisable not to smoke or drink for 15 minutes after the treatment. You will achieve the desired shade after a maximum of 14 days of application.

Tooth Whitening Pen

For domestic use only, for a quick result, this pen-shaped device is used to remove the stains left on your enamel by tea, coffee and tobacco. Often supplied with a colour chart, it conveniently cleans canines, premolars and incisors. To do this, the pen spreads the whitening gel (containing peroxide, sodium, glycerin, etc.) on your enamel to exert a double action.

This home teeth whitening tool can, therefore, restore the whiteness of your teeth, and therefore your smile, after 3 days, with 15 minutes of use per day. In short, this type of tooth whitening kit, different from a brush, is ideally recommended for sensitive teeth.  

To whiten teeth with an LED lamp

This is an electronic device with LED technology that activates the ions contained in the whitening gel. Intended only for professionals, the LED lamp effectively accelerates the teeth whitening process. In general, it allows you to obtain whiter and brighter teeth in only 20 minutes. The use of the lamp is accompanied by a tooth whitening gel and a clip-on tray.

Before the treatment, it is highly recommended to apply a cleaning spray to prepare the tooth enamel. The Whitecare tooth whitening lamp, with its 5 LED booster technology, is one of the most popular kits used by dentists and is capable of restoring your star smile quickly.

Ready to use teeth whitening kit

To compensate for the exclusive use of professional teeth whitening kits by dentists, oral hygiene brands have introduced ready-to-use devices that anyone can use at home. In addition to being affordable, these tooth whitening kits are readily available from pharmacies and drugstores. And of course, they contain a specific product : hydrogen peroxide-based tooth whitening gel. However, ready-to-use teeth whitening devices are ineffective against stains caused by eating habits or age.   

Tooth whitening strips

These are transparent, self-adhesive strips designed to fit the shape of the teeth perfectly. The teeth whitening strips for all ages are evenly coated with approximately 6% gel. To benefit from its actions, simply apply a strip against the teeth and leave it on for 30 minutes or more. According to customer reviews, Ray Of Smile's teeth whitening strips have already proven to be reliable. The same applies to the Teeth Whitening products.

The gel with brush

This tooth whitening kit is effective for the targeted treatment of individual teeth. It allows for the precise removal of discolouration from certain enamels. This type of kit plays a similar role to a toothbrush soaked in whitening toothpaste. Among the oral hygiene brands, Very Good Smile produces the most practical gel with brush.

Disposable trays

This disposable and easily transportable device can be used without prior adaptation and without risk of damaging the pulp and gums. More hygienic and practical, it is supplied with an individual dose of tooth whitening gel for immediate application. It can be used for up to 14 days for a lasting effect (1 year).

Good oral hygiene before whitening... 

Before whitening, it is important to adopt good oral hygiene. Simply brush your teeth properly. If you don't do this enough, teeth whitening will not be effective. There is only one solution: the Y-Brush toothbrush. It will make brushing your teeth easier. Brushing your teeth will become a breeze.


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