What dentists no longer want to hear.


What dentists no longer want to hear.

Who has never made a small remark after or during a dentist appointment? Here are a few sentences that these practitioners have heard (100 times a day). Next time, be original !

It's weird to want to become a dentist.

Your teeth thank them for choosing this professional path.

I didn't have time to brush my teeth.

Take the time to brush your teeth before your appointment. Put yourself in your dentist's shoes. You wouldn't want to discover a supermarket in your patient's mouth.

Personally, I couldn't have my hands in someone else's mouth all day.

Unfortunately, teeth are placed in the mouth. Therefore, the dentist has no choice but to have his hands in your oral cavity.

I paid too much for the 5 minutes I was here.

Ah! Unfortunately, we can't help you much for that.

I wash my teeth once a day.

So... How can I tell you that you might regret it in the next few years.

We remind you that it is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day, minimum.

I will never do this job.                                                                                                                                       
You won't go out as a dentist by making an appointment.

I had a toothache two months ago, but since I stopped having pain, I didn't make an appointment beforehand.

You better suffer than making an appointment to stop the pain.

You're lucky, you get toothpaste and toothbrushes for free.

If one day you go to your dentist's home, you will see that a room is reserved for the products he or she receives.

I looked on the internet and I saw that..

Oh yes! That's right. We had forgotten that Google studied to become a dentist.

I want to have the same teeth as Julia Roberts, can you help me?

Then your dentist won't be able to do much, but thanks to our Y-Brush you will enjoy brushing your teeth and little by little the reflection of Julia Roberts will appear in your mirror.





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