The price of braces


The price of braces

The placement of braces is practical and aesthetic. It is one of the most popular treatments for patients. Full braces are a significant cost to the family's health budget. In addition, orthodontic fees for children and adults require effective health coverage to cover all expenses.

Here is a guide to help you learn more about the cost of braces.

Factors that influence the price of braces

 The age of the patient who wants braces

Braces for adults often cost more than braces for children. Medicare does not cover some braces, which discourages some adults from getting braces. However, adult braces can prevent some of the more common severe adult ailments such as tooth loosening or tooth loss.

The complexity of orthodontic treatment

The length of treatment depends on the complexity of the patient's case. If the patient needs to solve a problem of overlapping teeth, misalignment or gapped teeth, a simple appliance can be worn for 6 months to 1 year. On the other hand, if the dental problems are serious, consultations will be required every six months.

The orthodontic office

You should know that a dental surgeon is free to apply his or her fees. Thus, from one dentist to another, the price of braces can vary greatly. In this respect, the location of the dental office will strongly influence the proposed rate. It will be different depending on whether the dentist practices in the city center or in the suburbs, or in the countryside or in an urban area.

The price of braces for adults

Invisible braces for adults

These braces are more expensive than traditional braces. They come in the form of aligners, which are also called "aligners". These aligners can be removed as soon as necessary, and can be worn in total discretion. Perfectly adapted to your dentition, they allow an effective treatment while being the least embarrassing and the most comfortable for your daily life. Their custom fabrication and treatment makes these invisible adult braces more expensive overall. For a treatment using invisible braces, you should expect to pay around €1800 per semester.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are also invisible because they are placed behind your teeth. It is also the most expensive type of invisible braces. This is because these braces require much more extensive and regular care from your experienced orthodontic practitioner, which also means more frequent visits, and in some cases longer treatment. For a lingual orthodontic treatment, you will need to budget between 1,900 and 2,500€ per semester. However, it is important to know that this will depend on the cost of the materials used, the necessary frequency of visits to your experienced orthodontic practitioner to adjust your lingual braces and the manufacturer of the braces.

The price of braces for children

The price of braces and orthodontic care is often high. This is because the placement of braces requires many visits to your dentist. These visits include adjusting the appliance, monitoring the progress of the teeth straightening. The final price does not depend on the complexity of the braces and the nature of the child's care. The price will depend on the child's permanent teeth. The more important the work to be done, the higher the total cost of the estimate.

A child's dental treatment costs between 500 and 2000 € per semester. The price may be higher if you want discreet braces for your child. To this price, you will have to add the preliminary examinations that will allow the practitioner to decide on the most suitable treatment. Thus, you will have to add between 30 and 300 euros for the diagnosis and between 500 and 5,000 euros for the consultation fees. A certain amount can be partially covered by the Social Security. You can also supplement this aid with a suitable mutual insurance company.

Reimbursement of braces

Depending on the patient's profile and the nature of the dental treatment, the Social Security reimbursement constitutes a small part of the expenses incurred. In certain circumstances, it does not cover the costs when the treatment is cosmetic and not restorative. This is the case for adult orthodontics (from 16 years old). Whether for adults or children, it is therefore necessary to have a good complementary health insurance for yourself and your family. Indeed, for people over 16 years old, only orthodontic care prior to surgery on the maxillae is covered by the Social Security (first consultation and teeth molding), within the limit of the 1st semester of orthodontics prior to the surgery. 
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We hope this guide has helped you understand what factors affect the price of braces. We also hope you understand that there is a difference in price depending on whether you need adult braces or children's braces. It is important to understand what the reimbursement requirements are for braces.


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