Liquid toothpaste: what you need to know


Liquid toothpaste: what you need to know

Toothpaste is an essential product to use every day. It is necessary to use one to brush your teeth in order to eliminate food residues and sugars. This allows to have a good oral hygiene, to avoid dental caries and bad breath among others. Toothpastes are of different kinds with components that vary according to the needs. There are liquid, solid and paste toothpastes on sale that play the same roles.

The liquid toothpaste remains a product very appreciated by the consumers. You can use this product for your oral hygiene, but also for your pets. For cats and dogs, liquid toothpaste is the one that is used. We tell you more about liquid toothpaste here.

Here's a guide that will help you understand everything you need to know about liquid toothpaste.

What is liquid toothpaste?

Liquid toothpaste is the option for people who don't like to use traditional paste toothpaste. Among the liquid toothpastes, there are some that are completely liquid while others are in the form of gel. They become liquid when you brush your teeth. Fully liquid toothpastes are available in spray bottles or in mouthwash bottles.

Mouthwash bottles usually come with a measuring cup or cap. It is then easy to measure the dose needed for a healthy mouth. Liquid toothpaste in spray form is special because it is edible. The product is edible and does not need to be spit out after use. If you want, you can still brush to remove any debris that may be lingering.

The gel is suitable for those looking for an option to use directly on the toothbrush like regular toothpaste. Simply spread the gel on the toothbrush, brush your teeth properly and then rinse your mouth completely with water.

The different brands of liquid toothpaste

The liquid toothpaste-Refyld

It is a toothpaste sold at the price of 8,30 euros on the site This refillable liquid toothpaste is without fluorine. It will allow to preserve your teeth and the most sensitive gums. Non abrasive, it cleans naturally without weakening the teeth and makes them whiter. Thanks to its natural mint extracts, you have an immediate sensation of freshness.

The liquid toothpaste-Wenko

It is a toothpaste sold at the price of 11,99 euros. It allows you to remedy the yellowing of your teeth with a few drops daily because it is a liquid whitener. It also prevents the formation of plaque and tartar caused by excessive consumption of coffee, wine or tobacco that damage your teeth. It will also give you a fresh breath.

The liquid toothpaste-Teraxyl

It is sold at the price of 3 euros on the site of C.Discount. It is a toothpaste with fluorine but also an antibacterial mouthwash with the freshness Mint which allows a protection against the dental plaque, the tartar and the bad breath. It allows you to have strong teeth and gums but also a complete oral hygiene and a fresh breath. 

If you are not satisfied with all these toothpastes, you can opt for a toothpaste in tube from the brand Y-Brush. This is a toothpaste paste that removes much more plaque than liquid toothpaste. 

Liquid toothpastes for dogs and cats

Just as it is for humans, pets also need oral care. The goal is to keep their teeth and mouths healthy. Except here, fluoride toothpaste is absolutely not recommended and could have consequences for the pet's stomach. Daily brushing for your dog or cat helps to fight against :

  • the formation of dental plaque
  • the formation of tartar,
  • Bad breath.

In addition to the positive impact that these toothpastes can have on your pets' oral hygiene, they are pleasant. In fact, most of these dental care products for dogs and cats are designed to be easy to use for your pets. Among the available offerings are chicken or liver flavored toothpastes, for example. It is always important to remember that fluoride toothpaste is not suitable for your dog or cat.

Similarly, toothpastes used for animals cannot be used for humans. The same is true for other tools, which are completely different and specific to your needs. To brush your pets' teeth, you will need toothbrushes specially designed for them.

Which brand of toothpaste should I choose for my pet?

Many brands are investing in the development of products to care for your dog's or cat's teeth. For dogs, Proden liquid toothpaste is suitable for maintaining oral health. This toothpaste made with natural essential oils is also recommended for gum hygiene. It is composed of a good quantity of essential oil and helps to eliminate bad bacteria. It helps to protect teeth and gums.

Dentalplak is another important brand in the sector. It offers a drinkable toothpaste for your dog, but also for the cat. Dentalplak is guaranteed free of chlorhexidine and any other form of antiseptic. It contains Xylitol which is natural and particularly appreciated for its anti-tartar and anti-bacterial virtues. It also contains extracts of clove. 

Known for its antiseptic qualities, its presence in toothpaste is beneficial. Finally, Laminaria digitata is a seaweed that is very rich in iodine. It reinforces the anti-tartar effect and at the same time is effective in refreshing the breath.   

We hope this guide has helped you understand what liquid toothpaste is and what the different brands of liquid toothpaste are. If you're happy with the ones you use, you'll be happy with the liquid toothpastes for dogs and cats. There are many very effective brands.



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