How to replace ordinary tooth brushing?


How to replace ordinary tooth brushing?

Toothbrushing for both children and parents is considered to be an essential step in maintaining good oral hygiene and a particularly radiant smile. In order to brush your teeth properly, it is important that you take care to avoid a number of pitfalls and that you remember to adopt very good brushing techniques. It is therefore important to follow certain brushing rules to better clean your teeth and keep them clean and healthy as advised by dentists and oral health specialists. However, there are a number of techniques that can replace regular tooth brushing?   

Here is a guide to understanding how to replace regular tooth brushing.

1) Find ways to avoid using a toothbrush

There are a number of ways to brush your teeth without using a toothbrush that are just as effective. However, it is important to know which ones.

Here are the different ways of brushing for which you can opt:

  • The makeup remover pad: You can wrap it around your index finger and apply toothpaste to it. You will have to rub your gums in a particularly delicate way but also the teeth and the tongue then rinse with water.
  • Flossing, interdental brushes and mouthwash: You can combine the use of these two accessories and this product to clean the most important areas of your teeth.
  • Your finger: This is a fairly ordinary technique but can be practical in any circumstance that allows you to brush the most easily accessible dental surfaces.
  • The technique with the washcloth: You must wrap the washcloth or paper towel around your index finger, moisten it and apply toothpaste if you have it. Then brush your teeth as you would with a toothbrush. Start with your gums and work your way down, cleaning each tooth in a circular motion. Don't forget to brush your tongue. Finally, rinse your mouth thoroughly by moving the water back and forth.
  • A twig: You should take a young, flexible branch about 15 to 20 cm long. It must be thin and without bark. You should remove the skin and chew one end of the stick to separate the fibers and get a small brush. Use this new tool to brush your teeth.
  • Toothpick: You can also use a toothpick to clean between your teeth. However, be careful not to injure your gums or cause them to bleed.

2) Know how you can replace your toothpaste

If you only want to use a toothbrush, but not toothpaste, you can make a homemade recipe in no time.

Here are the different ways to replace your toothpaste:

  • Baking soda: you mix it with water to form a paste of the same consistency as your toothpaste. You can then use this paste to replace your toothpaste. It will clean your teeth effectively1. Be careful though, baking soda is too abrasive for long term daily use.
  • Coconut oil: it can also be used as a toothpaste. Antibacterial and fungicidal, it helps to sanitize the mouth. It is therefore an effective way to replace toothpaste.
  • Siwak powder: Siwak is a plant native to India, which has sanitizing properties. In powder form, it is ideal for taking care of your teeth and gums. This recipe produces a powdered toothpaste that keeps much longer than paste toothpastes. 

Other temporary alternatives to brushing your teeth

There are a number of temporary alternatives to brushing your teeth. These are a set of tips that will allow you to remove a small amount of bacterial plaque from your teeth.

Here are the small temporary tips that replace brushing your teeth:

  • Hydrating your mouth: Drink pure, still water as much as possible. Its action against the teeth allows to eliminate certain food residues. In addition, its pH is about seven, which helps maintain the balance of the oral and salivary microbiota.
  • A piece of firm cheese: In addition to containing calcium and other minerals that promote remineralization of the enamel, the lipids and casein it contains create a protective membrane that prevents bacteria from adhering to the dental walls.
  • Celery stalks, a carrot or an apple at the end of the meal: The abrasive action of these firm, crunchy foods cleans the surface of the teeth. They allow for good chewing and increase saliva production, which helps neutralize the pH of the oral cavity.
  • Sugar-free chewing gum: it is ideally sweetened with xylitol. It is a substance that helps to eliminate the bacteria responsible for tooth decay but also to dislodge food residues and to freshen the breath.

The most effective is the sugar-free chewing gum. It has many advantages. Here are the advantages of sugarless chewing gum:

  • It balances the pH of saliva and prevents the formation of bacteria
  • It also freshens your breath.
  • It is just as effective as floss in removing food particles from between your teeth.
  • It is most effective if chewed for one minute.

However, it is still important to brush your teeth most of the time and to respect the 3 brushings per day ideally. This should be done with a toothbrush that allows you to brush every corner of your mouth. You can use the Y-Brush toothbrush which is effective and made in France. It is one of the most reliable toothbrushes on the market, refillable or not. Numerous studies have been made about it, so every dentist recommends it. The brushing is done in a few seconds. 


We hope this guide has helped you understand what alternatives to an electric or manual toothbrush you can use from time to time. We also hope that you have understood that your toothpaste can easily be substituted for natural products. The small temporary tricks that replace brushing teeth are effective especially when you are at work or you do not have time. In any case, brushing your teeth with a toothbrush should be done most of the time. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with your dentist for any questioning because bad brushing is not without risk. 


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