Canker sores : Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Mouthwash


Canker sores : Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Mouthwash

Mouth ulcers mouthwash  

How do you treat canker sores or soothe the pain they cause? In this guide, we offer you the mouthwash treatment combined with natural remedies to help you adopt good oral hygiene.

Canker sores: definition, symptoms, causes

As a reminder, canker sores are small mouth ulcers that constantly create discomfort: painful chewing at every meal, unpleasant brushing of the teeth. In most cases, they are painful when eating certain foods such as dried fruit, gruyere cheese, spices, etc., as well as acidic foods or foods with a high tannin content. Fortunately, mouth ulcers are benign and can disappear after about ten days. It should not be confused with herpes (abscess) and chickenpox (blisters), which are contagious and accompanied by a fever.

The canker sore appears as small craters (yellowish or whitish) in the centre of a red halo. The sores may be present in different areas of the oral cavity: gums, mucous membranes, under the tongue, inside the cheeks, on the tip of the tongue, on the palate, on the lips. The patient can feel pain in each infected area. However, pain from oral lesions is not accompanied by bleeding.

The origins of this pathology of the oral mucosa similar to lichen planus are still unknown. The only known factors that contribute to foot-and-mouth disease are

  • Taking certain anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, paracetamol, Ibuprofen) or analgesics or antibiotics used in the treatment of certain conditions
  • Attacks from a toothbrush with hard bristles
  • Dentures that irritate the oral mucosa
  • Hormonal changes in women
  • Fatigue and recurrent stress
  • Certain deficiencies
  • Chemotherapy

Mouth ulcer treatment for better oral health

Therapeutic mouthwashes after brushing your teeth are among the treatments that your pharmacist, your dentist or your doctor may recommend during a consultation.

The benefits of mouthwash

Mouthwash helps to relieve pain and limit inflammation thanks to the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents contained in the various substances in the water of the mouthwash. Used as a gargle, it can reach all areas of the mouth and can gently reduce mouth ulcers or sores. To do this, hold the mouthwash solution for the recommended time. Then spit it out without rinsing your mouth. However, you should limit your treatment to a few days, otherwise the oral flora will be disrupted.

Mouthwash with baking soda

To heal sores in the mouth, prepare a solution based on baking soda. Here's how to do it the easy way. First, take a teaspoon of baking soda. Dissolve it in a glass of warm water. After mixing the liquid well, gargle it. Spit out the water when the mouthwash is finished (about one minute). Your canker sore can disappear if you use this mouthwash daily. The bicarbonate balances the PH of your mouth and prevents bacterial growth. Mouthwash with salt water also promotes better healing of oral cavity diseases. In short, mouthwash with baking soda makes your oral hygiene healthier.

Mouthwash: natural remedies to relieve and heal mouth ulcers

Natural remedies for mouth ulcers and their lesions are herbal products. In this regard, reference is often made to essential oils which are diluted in a glass of water before the mouthwash.

Mouthwash with Laurel essential oil

Laurel essential oil is very effective in oral care. It is known for its purifying action when added to your mouthwash preparation.

Alodont mouthwash

For a 5-day treatment (3 times a day), Alodont mouthwash treats mouth infections such as sore throats and canker sores. This bottle can be used for adults and children aged 7 years and over after surgery in the oral cavity. 

Application of the essential oil on mouth ulcers

Without using mouthwash, mouth ulcers can be treated by applying essential oil (clove oil and Tea Tree oil) to the mouth lesions with a cotton swab. Elgydium Clinic Cicalium gel and spray are also effective in the treatment of mouth ulcers.You can therefore take the initiative to make a small collection of essential oils. 

an other alternative: the dental brushing kit Y-Brush

To have a good oral hygiene you can choose the All Inclusive pack of the Y-Brush brand. It contains :  

  • A handle with integrated battery
  • A toothbrush Y-Brush 
  • A USB cable 
  • A storage stand
  • A toothpaste applicators 
  • A travel case

The nylon bristles of this Y-Brush toothbrush promote a rapid removal of dental plaque.You can therefore keep healthy teeth over time. Mouth ulcers will not spoil your life anymore.



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