All about salt water mouthwash


All about salt water mouthwash

Mouthwash is a very good complement to brushing. Salt water is not only effective for unclogging the nose, but also for cleaning the mouth. Using a salt water mouthwash is a good oral hygiene routine. It is important to know how to make it, how to use it and for what purpose. Find out more about salt water mouthwash here.   

Why rinse your mouth with salt water ?

Salt is known as an excellent antiseptic because of its iodine content. Salt water works as a natural disinfectant. Mouthwash with salt water is recommended after a visit to the dentist. The objective is to reduce the total inflammation of the mouth. You can use it to solve dental or gum pain.

When you gargle with salt water, you eliminate the different bacteria that are present in the mouth. In fact, the bacteria in dental plaque can cause bad breath since they produce gas. Thus, using a mouthwash can target plaque and freshen your breath. 

How to make salt water mouthwash ?

Mouthwash can be made easily at home. You need one teaspoon of salt, eight ounces of warm water. Finally, you need two teaspoons of baking soda which is optional. To begin your recipe, start by boiling the hot water for at least ten minutes. Then let the water rest and cool down.

It should remain warm to allow the baking soda and salt to dissolve. Stir your mixture gently so that all ingredients are dissolved. After these steps, use the salt solution as directed and pour out the rest.

How to use the mouthwash ?

The use of salt water mouthwash is quite simple. Simply gargle for 30 minutes with the solution. The mixture is not to be swallowed, but spit out. You can repeat the ritual four times a day for a treatment lasting up to two weeks.

It is a good remedy for toothache. Oral hygiene is mainly based on brushing your teeth. You must brush your teeth well before using your solution in order to have an excellent oral hygiene. That's why it's important to brush your teeth with a sonic toothbrush like the Y-Brush. It allows you to brush all your teeth at the same time to have the healthiest teeth possible. On the other hand, you should know that overuse of a saline solution could cause cavities and destroy tooth enamel.

What are the different mouthwashes ?

There are different mouthwashes that you can use depending on the pathology you wish to treat.

Antiseptic mouthwashes

Dental solutions with purifying formulas are mostly antiseptics. They prevent the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth and fight against halitosis. These mouthwashes are effective in treating mild gum inflammation.

They are made with hexetidine or chlorhexidine and are used in case of infection of the tissues that support the teeth and gums. The use of these products must be limited since they can unbalance the oral flora in the long term.

Healing mouthwashes

These types of mouthwashes are for those who have mouth ulcers or bleeding gums. They contain a little bit of anti-inflammatory, fluoride and healing agents. They will not only stop the bleeding of the teeth during brushing, but also strengthen the mucous membranes. The fluoride found in this healing formula is also present as fluoride salts in other mouthwashes.
These are those intended for the treatment of dental hypersensitivity. Healing mouthwashes contain alcohol and can degrade the oral flora if used frequently. You should consult a dental surgeon if gum bleeding is frequent.

Protective mouthwashes

There are mouthwash formulas called protective. They aim to protect tooth enamel against cavities. They are recommended for people with fragile enamel who may develop cavities. It is also a good product for teenagers who wear braces. 

These teenagers have difficulty brushing their teeth and may leave residue behind. Some formulas are specially designed to protect the gums. They contain active ingredients such as fluoride, which helps to slow down the formation of dental plaque and especially the tartar it contains.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand why rinsing your mouth with salt water is the ideal solution for good oral hygiene. Knowing how to make and use it is essential to optimize its sanitizing effect. However, you should only use the one that corresponds to you on your dentist's prescription.   


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